Tuesday, May 4, 2010

University Professors Now Outsourcing Grading to India

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Taking U.S. Jobs is like Stealing Candy from a Baby

Cheap and Degrading News

Virginia -- It's time to change the non-biodegradable nappy on this stinking bum of Indian outsourcing.

LWOH previously reported on the unsustainability of teacher assistant graders and jobs to India.The Star reports today that a George Washington University professor is outsourcing paper grading and commenting to India because he is “unhappy with the tedium of grading papers.” In what has been described as a race to the bottom, the professor nonetheless defends the anti-U.S. academic worker practice of outsourcing grading papers ( a job that U.S. college student and teaching assistants depend upon) to India here:

Our intent is not to cheapen or degrade the learning and teaching equation,” the professor told the Star. “We think there is a better model. We never outsource the responsibility, we’re just outsourcing the activity."

Oh, the tedium! The professor would appear to believe for some reason that India is entitled to take jobs away from Americans and that funneling every last (except his own?) job including student academic jobs to India is fine rather than American citizens doing the work to sustain their livelihoods and rebuild our local economies. To the contrary of the professor's above assertion, ridding U.S. students of jobs does cheapen and degrade not only learning but the entire socioeconomic fabric of our local communities. Quoth the professor:

As long as outsourcing meant for the last 30 years only the flight of blue-collar jobs, that was okay. The moment it extends to knowledge work, immediately people get defensive. The idea that EduMetry can’t mark an English Composition 101 paper is ludicrous.”

Why would he possibly think it's fine and dandy like stealing candy to just keep flushing U.S. jobs to India? And shame on every American citizen for being “defensive” to want our jobs and jobs for our kids. How “ludicrous” is that?

Like stealing candy from a baby, the professor appears to embrace the unsustainable practice of taking jobs from U.S. citizens and giving them instead to India as mere child's play by comparing outsourcing U.S. student jobs to sticking your infant in a daycare center! Yes! He actually joked  that U.S. university students who need those jobs to help pay for their educations and further their own academic experiences (most of their parents' jobs are outsourced to India)  also “should be fair game”:

I like to half-jokingly point out that a mother is outsourcing childcare to a daycare provider. If you can entrust the care of your infant to a third person, any form of outsourcing should be fair game.”

Fair game? Haha. Get the joke? Taking jobs from American citizens when they need to work is indeed child's play!

Stealing jobs from Americans, in fact, is as easy as hopscotch, jump-rope and skipping. Our Congress critters and soiled cheap lying labor lobby sociopaths are ridding educated Americans of their jobs, and, if this entitled professor knows one thing about anything, he apparently knows that that. So why not extend the whole Indian cyber-kinder class all the way up to outsourcing this esteemed professor's hallowed job and relieve him of his binky along with the “tedium” in employing those dreadful U.S. students to grade his papers so he can have an extended, big fat nap while our country goes to hell? Whether or not this professor and his ilk would possibly have a vested interest in discriminating against U.S. students who need those jobs or whether outsourcing them means more profits for their universities or more nap time for the professors, this latest five-finger discount on U.S. students' jobs coming from Academia ought to be the final wake up call for America.

Give this man a Happy Meal and send him back to the unending, humility and shameless-free third world romper room twelve time zones away where nirvana and race-to-the bottom collide.

Party on, plebes!


Honolulu Withouta Cluelu said...

US could give a sh*t about educating its own as it hands over the car keys to imported grifters while millions of US citizens go unemployed. Both US students AND educators are now sucking air while a few tweedy overlords sell out the whole dying system.

Who wouldn't agree that turning the (once) vaunted American educational system into a third world flop house is working out just fine now? Take one guess. Go on.

2Truthy said...

H w/o C,

Clearly,people (qualified or not) who come here from poor countries for US jobs at less $ benefit, but it's the racket (labor shortage lie/myth) and the racketeers (cheap labor lobbyisits/enthusiasts) which enable the job grift. Until this destructive system is dismantled, jobs (decent or any) for educated American citizens will obviously continue to disappear.

Here's a humane thought: what if the lucrative cheap labor exploitation lobby changed its business model to mandate a 'hire Americans first policy' whereby corporations are rewarded by the practice? You know, kind of like a carbon credit where each company gets penalized for every non US citizen they hire and would have to pay a premium? Instead of corporations being given a discount for hiring non Americans, why not make them pay at a premium? (This is a sustainable, humane hiring practice that should be deployed by all nations, not just here to put an end to slavery.)

This policy would also give the denizens of temporary 'staffing firms' and migration firms something constructive to do instead of the current money making model to "not hire an American worker", no?