Friday, March 24, 2006

Arianna Implored to Send Clooney a Ham

Hi Arianna and BUFFingtonPost Team,

Not to beat a dead mammal, but my readers are wondering if there has been a clear-cut, undisputed reconciliation yet with George Clooney.

May I suggest sending the Oscar winner a Kentucky country ham (most appropriate given his Lexington, KY roots) with a handwritten note asking his forgiveness? For your convenience and that of your staff, I have included a link below.

As you know, Easter is right around the corner and from what I understand, George has a pet pig (or had one) and could consider the gesture a fine olive branch on your part!

Thank you for your consideration in executing my suggestion as we believe that it is in the best interest for all of your dedicated BuffPo readers to see that this little pig-in-a-blanket is put to bed.

Most Truly Yours,


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