Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Dad, The Raven

t'was a dark stormy night
the rain no end in sight
a serendipitous mood
while he read to his brood

snuggled up on the chair
each one listening with care
for their daddy's voice going
to tales Edgar (Allen) "Poeing"

a knock-knock and a wrapping
they waited for tapping
then scared sounds delighted
while Michael was frighted

yet the older ones knew
that the tales were not true --
but were they or not ---
the kids never forgot

his lyrical voice did the vision rejoice
the soul coming 'round to
the place that he found
peaceful, profound

Always the poet but the
last one to show it
that he shunned the Great Stage
for the sage with the page

That haunted, dark space --
with infinity times laughter
and knowing his love
lives on ever-after.

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