Monday, March 27, 2006

Stephen Colbert to Harpoon ex-FEMA director

And the WORD is: FAME (rearranged letters spell FEMA). It looks like Michael Brown, former disgraced FEMA chief, is getting plenty of it these days, for "poor performance" as he sat up to his proverbial ass in alligators while Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast. Now it is time for him to move on, and what better way to proclaim his innocence and stage a comeback but to fess up to the Father of Truthiness? Oh, Father of Truthiness, we pray that you will find the strength to make the heavens and your stage manager shower buckets of waste water down on Brown as he is seated in your hallowed guest chair... (this might be more up South Park's alley...)

One can only imagine what fun Stephen Colbert will have exploring rumors of the ex-FEMA director's incompetence. Will Colbert sport scuba gear and a harpoon to lampoon Brown? As Stephen runs out on the set to meet his seated guest with the American flag displayed in the background, will we have no choice but to laugh at the disastrous mess that Brown, current and future government employees of the American corporate sell-out machine have left us with? Check your local listings, spacefans, and be sure to toast a few marshmallows by the fire while Colbert takes his truthiest best shot.


prezdumas said...

I don't think that he will skewer Brownie. He'll say things like "Who would have thought that a Hurricane would hit New Orleans? Has that even happened before?"

prezdumas said...

I was wrong. Looks like 2 many lawyers were involved. Very scripted. I guess he didn't want to blow his right-wing cover!