Wednesday, March 8, 2006


...which made it thoroughly amusing (in particular, that hilarious, quick launch into L.A.'s moral deficiency). It was a refreshing departure from the same old safe, sycophant-style, church-like Oscar host content we are typically subjected to. A true comedian, who's name is Jon Stewart, happened to subtly skunk out the garden party over at the Kodak Theatre's 78th Academy Awards shin-dig. I loved it.

As for that now oft quoted observation about Stewart's "nervousness", isn't that a key ingredient to his intelligent comic appeal? To me, he came across like he always does on his show: smart, witty, quick to ad-lib, and irreverent. Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg were, to be sure, mediocre hosts that distinctively personify the "we're in the club and you wish you were" zeitgeist that "outsiders" like Joe Six-Pack and I find a little irritating. At its very worst, Stewart's performance might have been a little like putting a Rabbi -- let's make that a GAY Jewish, Female Rabbi --- in the pulpit at a Catholic Mass. What could possibly be more sacred than a little misplaced irreverence?


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