Friday, March 31, 2006

It's All Water Under the Bridge By Now, But...

Dear Stephen,

I caught your orthogonal interview with Michael Brown where you, at the end, absolved the ex-FEMA chief of responsibility for opening up the flood gates of hell on our predominately poor, African American brothers and sisters of New Orleans. It rocked! You got Brownie to reveal the truth about many things! After the interview, I even drove down to this dark Tenderloin district bar in San Francisco and bought a whole round of watermellon shooters for the patrons there! Anyway, my favorite part was when you showed a picture of yourself posing with a black person and then Brownie admitted to liking black people, too!

When you asked him if he had any help from his friends or cronies in landing the job at FEMA -- even when he was a horse lawyer before that -- I thought you might have asked him if he liked horses better than African Americans. Anyway, you did get him to admit the Katrina disaster was "one giant mess."

Also, Brownie said that he had some jobs in the government even BEFORE he was the horse lawyer and THEN he went on to point the finger at the other Michael (Chertoff), chief of Homeland security, for the hurricane disaster. You might have asked him if he thought a good workman never blamed his tools!

Finally, all of the excitement over the eagle stork and little Stephen combined with the artificial ejaculation hormones may have caused you to go a little easy on the ex-FEMA director. We look forward to many more interviews where you emit the truth from your unsuspecting victims, like Brownie!

Most Truly Yours,



Bri said...

This has gotten very little press so far - someone should run with it. FEMA is closing all of the New Orleans camps/tent cities that volunteers are staying in, as of April 10. These tents have been housing the volunteers gutting houses from organizations ranging from ACORN to Habitat for Humanity. the only stories on this so far on the net have been:
Christian Broadcasting Network: and
Talking Points Memo Cafe

This is ridiculous -- the very least that the federal government should do is house and feed volunteers coming to help.

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2Truthy said...


I wholeheartedly agree!

2Truthy said...

To the stalker from LOS ANGELES:

Either drop a line or go BLOW!