Friday, March 31, 2006

Where Will I Be Spending Easter?

Dear 2Truthy,

Can you or anyone tell me where I will be spending Easter? Hopefully NOT with George Clooney. I just got a call from Finchville Farms and they said that some lady named Arianna wants me to visit him. If you hear anything, let me know.

Your friend,


Dear Quincy,

Nice to hear from you. The last I heard, Arianna was supposed to think about sending "a ham" -- not you -- to George Clooney to make amends for her boo-boo about George's non-existent post to the BuffPo. I would strongly suggest that you refrain from returning any phone calls to Finchville Farms, but if they keep calling, you may wish to refer the matter to my pals over at the Smoking Gun ( -- make sure to ask for "Mr. Bastone". This is precisely the kind of situation they thrive on handling.

Good Luck Quincy!


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