Sunday, March 4, 2007

Gay Penguins To Mate With Females To Save Species

March to Mother Superior's Office

Emperor Penguins are Antarctica's largest bird, and the fate of these remarkable creatures are threatened by global warming and human actions. In response, A German zoo is still scratching their head as they attempt to figure out how to get six gay penguins to mate with females within the species. The zoo is trying to get the penguins to mate to save the species from becoming extinct. Zoo officials say of the 10 male penguins housed in the facility, six prefer male company to that of the females and have formed couples among themselves.

Penguine populations have been dramatically dropping in recent years and global warming is strongly suspected to play a connection:

“All around the world from New Zealand to the Falklands there used to be all these huge colonies. Populations separated by 1,000km of sea are all crashing. It’s an astonishing decline, the populations have just crashed over the last few decades and we really don’t know why. It’s quite sinister, we have got millions of penguins just disappearing. There must be some major big thing going wrong in the eco-system. We did see some clues [in the feathers study] and the finger is tentatively pointing at global warming.”
- Dr. Geoff Hilton



BF said...

Interesting picture, since everyone knows that nuns are all gay.

Anonymous said...

Probably a premonition of what will eventually happen to humans as the Left promotes the gay lifestyle as inherently superior and admirable.

2Truthy said...


The Left is far superior as it does not discriminate against sexual preference nor is it comprised of disproportionate numbers of homophobic legislators (and other) as is the Right. Furthermore, from people to penguins, anyone's sex life is nobodys goddamn business anyway.

Anonymous said...

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