Monday, April 30, 2007

Alec Baldwin Throws Book at Divorce: Parental Alienation

Alec Baldwin Throws Book at Divorce
Wham! Whoosh! Take THAT, You Divorce!
No! He didn't REALLY throw a book -- much less AT anyone or at anything so Team Baldwin fans, take a deep breath and relax...
The star of 30 Rock has revealed to Barbara Walters and Rosie on THE VIEW that he wants to devote his life to exposing the injustices perpetrated on divorced fathers, and that he hopes to publish a book this year on divorce litigation. He even said he wanted to quit the show so he could write the book! Hope not!!!!! Stay on the show AND write the book.
Stay on the show, Alec! Hang in there and stick to the Anger Management sessions. And when you find that SOB tabloid media journalist who leaked your private phone message,
count to ten first and then call QUINCY before you call anyone a domestic pet or a barnyard animal. (We do, after all, understand your situation and are rooting for your success!)


Anonymous said...

The only thing Baldwin is going to be throwing around is his check book for attorneys fees if he doesn't start knocking off the angry outburts.

leonp said...

I hope that more people become supportive of this actor's problems with divorce and male custody issues as you seem to understand them.