Monday, April 16, 2007

Senator Chuck Hagel and Tech Lobby Winning the War on America's Educated Middle Class

"Ho Sale Since 1869!"
-America's Congress and Tech Lobby Sell Out the Middle Class
Memo to Nancy Pelosi: Take off that babushka and get your ass back to the U.S. and start cleaning up the wholesale sell out of our American professional jobs. You can start right now with ditching those tech lobby (TechNet) sycophants and by whipping all those good old Democratic Senators into shape on tossing out these bills to put our educated tech professionals out of work and drive down wages. You know the ones:
1. STRIVE Act -- Gutierrez (D-IL) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
2. H.R.1758 -- David Wu (D-OR)
3. SKIL Bill -- Cornyn (R-TX)
4. Comprehensive Immigration Reform by McCain -- (R-AZ) and Kennedy (D-MA
5. S.1092 -- Hagel (R-NE)
There is no shortage of educated American technology professionals, but corporate America has used this tiresome refrain to cover its thirst for their shortage of cheap, foreign workers with dubious experience and education. Who in Congress is willing to say no to these career lobbyists and "tech elite" who can't get enough burnt fries?** See
Senator Chuck Hagel and the tech lobby, TechNet, are winning the war on America's educated middle class with the help of many Democratic Congressmen and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other 'Friends' of Silicon Valley's portfolio tech stock inner-circle.
Like global warming, the H1B cheap foreign labor import push is a critical problem that can only be corrected by responsive governments to protect its citizens
Which Democratic presidential hopeful - if any-- is poised to adresss the "Great High Tech Labor Shortage" Myth?



Anonymous said...

I understand the concern about caring for American citizens first but:

1) There are 12 *million* illegal unskilled immgrants in the US who pay no tax and are a drain on the system - these are the people about which something should be done - *not* the 65000 educated skilled people who actually contribute to the american economy

2)If you oppose H1B visas - what happens? well, suppose Microsoft hires an international person, who cant get an H1B, they will simply place him in his own country (Idia china whatever).. Now instead of competing with the american worker on even ground, he is being payed 1/12th the salary - a clear inducement for offshoring.
Also, he is contributing nothing to the US tax net and all his spending is in his local country.

Who does this help? the guy who was hired.. has his 'american dream' shattered. The company that hired him has to deal with offshoring issues, the US govt gets no money out of him, the US worker now has to compete with someone who gets paid 1/12th of his wage.

we should instead, wholeheartedly support legal immigration and be very tough on illegal migrants.

alex said...
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2Truthy said...

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mikeinuk said...

The anonymous commenter here fails to grasp how Microsoft and the technical community of corporate executives have designed a plan to substitute the Americans for the third world supposed skilled workers. It is a very cynical and deliberate plan to rob over 40 million Americans of their jobs and replace them with at least twice that many foreign workers whom they will import to America to pay taxes. These corporations do not care about watching their neighbors disappear into poverty.

The author understands these ramifications but it is curious that the rest of the country fails to hold your governmnet responsible to make changes that protect your own citizens.

Anonymous said...

When is 30 Rock on? I haven't seen it yet but hear its good. Good luck Alec Baldwin!

Anonymous said...

Edwards is the only "high profile"
democratic candidate talking about jobs, but he keeps it focused on blue collar losses and Obama is definitely no hero here either.

Anonymous said...

The mistake that the first commenter here thinks is that Microsoft and other companies HAVE to hire a foreign worker first, if at all.