Sunday, April 8, 2007

Charles Simonyi’s Space Flight Covered by Quincy


Charles Simonyi’s Space Flight Covered by Quincy

THIS JUST IN: 2Truthy Relays Special Report from Quincy

BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan — Although Martha Stewart’s quail “tastes more like beef jerky” and that “the service leaves something to be desired,” Quincy’s report from Outer Space LESS THAN TWO HOURS AGO so far suggests that the trip has gotten off to a great start.

Selected over more than three hundred well known journalists from all around the world -- even Borat --- Quincy landed the exclusive position as special guest flight reporter to cover the monumental, historic mission to Space.

In particular, Quincy stated just minutes ago in a special transmission that he is pleased with landing the job. He clarified that so far, he doesn’t see Arianna Huffington or Esther Dyson around anywhere onboard the capsule but speculates that “if Charles and I and the crew make it back without any peculiar symptoms, they may be next in line for launch providing they can negotiate a slightly better rate."

Meanwhile, Quincy describes the flight thus far:

“This is the most fun I have had since riding on the teacups at Disneyland last month, only better since my pod is directly next to Charles and we are really bonding. Not only is he teaching me Hungarian, but you should hear all the things that NOBODY else knows so far about Martha Stewart’s time in the slammer and how she snuck Charles into her cell and…hold on, my diaper is loose…Oops, I am going to have to hang up now…Happy Easter, Everybody!!!!!!!!!!”


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Anonymous said...

No offense Quincy, but the real Pig here is this Simonyi jerk. "J"

He just took this $20M ride to space because he could.

When he gets back, he can brag he went to space. Big deal. That's like sitting in the back of an SUV and being driven around and this Simonyi thinks he climbed Mt. Everst? Ester Dyson and Martha Stewart are out of touch with reality and don't give a shit about people.