Wednesday, April 4, 2007

David Sirota's People Party Pick: John Edwards

David Sirota’s People Party Pick: John Edwards

Remember when YOU were chosen by Time Magazine as 2007’s Person of the Year, when working class hero YOU humbly accepted that unexpected award with such complete and utter humility that YOU have long since forgotten all about it?

Faster than you can say “David Sirota picked a People’s Party Pick” the extraordinary writer, political strategist and author of the groundbreaking book Hostile Takeover has written a monumental column today entitled “Who is the People Party Candidate?”

In Sirota’s usual comprehensive reporting mode, he lays out a detailed description of what to expect from the Democratic candidates. If you click on the link to his blog, you will find this superb article along with many comments, one in particular which stated that his book Hostile Takeover was ‘boring.’ Excuse moi? ‘Boring’? Here is what I have to say to this commenter:

“Boring”? I and many other people I personally know read this book and it was ANYTHING but boring. I’ll tell you what boring is: Boring is when you’re vacationing in Japan and don’t have $450.00 to buy a serving of sushi in Tokyo and have to resort to the locals less exotic canned mystery meat because you’ve been laid off by Bill Gates for not being ‘skilled’ enough despite holding a Master’s degree and having twenty five years experience.

Describing in detail the dubious campaign themes of Hillary and Barack, here is what he had to say about John Edwards, the candidate that he concludes:

“If you are a voter looking for a candidate who is willing to confront the biggest issues facing America right now - Iraq, economic class, the middle class squeeze and skyrocketing inequality - then there really is no contest in the Democratic presidential primary right now: John Edwards is your candidate.”

Sirota continues:

“Some may say that because Edwards “only” raised a whopping $14 million in contrast with Clinton and Obama’s $25 million each, it means he may not be viable. I tend to look at it the other way: The fact that a guy who spent most of his life challenging economic power can raise $14 million without taking money from lobbyists or PACs is unfathomable - arguably more of a feat than the sheer amounts that Clinton and Obama hauled in.”

As a political writer and strategist, Sirota includes a disclaimer at the end where he clarifies that he is not working for any of the above mentioned candidates -- or any for that matter. I found his article to be a courageous and rare moment during this political climate of increasing polarity between the journalists camp of ‘haves and have-nots’ and applaud Sirota’s clear, yet unofficial endorsement of John Edwards (an official one would be “I am supporting John Edwards, a of a man of conviction, etc.”). After all, as a political careerist, in order to do that, he would either have to be on the Edwards payroll or a political suicider:)…

David Sirota is the definitive writer of the People Party and a trusted ‘brand’ in this take no prisoners journalistic world of one-upmanship. His column today is by far a stand out and highlighted what he does best: investigating and reporting truth with conviction and integrity to We the People about the candidates’ best and worst instincts and what we can expect. And I agree with Sirota: Edwards is the right guy (even if Gore would throw his hat in the ring.)



janarno said...

Sick Puppies are great live! They were just here. Good video. Sirota calls it right on Edwards but what the hell is Biden doing? Did he drop out or is he waiting around for Clinton to make him her "best man" veep?

anlem said...

The Lennon video is an interesting backdrop to your content tootruthy, and David Sirota and others like him can influence voters.