Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sheryl Crow on the Unwiped Asses of the Unwashed Masses

All I wanna do
Is wipe my buns
I gotta feelin’ I’m not the only one.

Sheryl Crow and the Unwiped Masses: Michele Malkin Swipes While Crow Wipes

Sheryl Crow’s least favorite mistake? The ‘tear only one square’ joke Sheryl Crow made this week has backed up from here to Burma as the press appears to be hell-bent on forgetting to flush over the singer’s remark she made while cruising the East Coast on her Climate Change Tour with Laurie David.

I can’t really say that I have ever been one of Sheryl’s best fans. (She is no Rickie Lee Jones or Lucinda Williams or Bonnie Raitt or Gladys Knight) Her music is OK, although I wouldn’t go out of my way to scrounge tickets for a Crow concert --- I liked her much better during her Eric Clapton days, (who I am a big fan of) even though he did his best work when he was on smack. Anyway, this Sheryl Crow song is my favorite.

Malkin is talking about the elitist divide between rich and poor, and who can blame her for asking why the ‘unwiped asses’ of the unwashed masses should give up that extra roll of toilet paper when before long they won’t be able to afford one at all DESPITE the fact that Sheryl can afford to TP the whole country for the next five thousand years?

While Sheryl Crow is hauling in truckloads of $$$$ while the middle class gets sent to hell courtesy corrupt politicians and greedy corporate executives, Sheryl seems to be rubbing elbows and asses with the best of them. That is the gist of Malkin’s article. Read what Joel S. Hirschhorn has to say about the final flush of our democracy



janarno said...

Splendid! Well done, t.t.

Anonymous said...

Read up on Peak Oil matters and you will find that it is the corporate jets, commercial airlines, industrial polluters that are responsible for most of it. Toilet paper? come on. And what was this supposed "joke" about? She was serious in her sincere attempt to get the college students to think about what they can do as individuals to save the planet. Unfortunately, she is hanging around with the Green industry backers with deep pockets and stands to gain at the expense of the country. More of the same.

mercer said...

"All I wanna do is wipe my buns" etc.

Too funny tootroothy..................................................................................................................

nanomano said...

Funniest thing I have read, these lyrics. Have you fininshed the song? I can't get it out of my head, only with your lyrics.