Monday, January 14, 2008

Built to Last

Newsworthy notes, Loserettes…

Distinguished, debonair, anti-blowhard journalist and author David Sirota has written an excellent article today on gasbag Lawrence O’Donnell’s smear piece about John Edwards. I don’t know what was worse --- the smear piece or the fact that HuffPo ran it (as they are wont to do with negative Edwards spin…) So if you have a moment, drop Arianna a line about the perils of publishing such incivil articles and attempts to black out Edwards. The good news is that Edwards is surging in the Nevada polls…but like Sirota points out, the monied interests are not trusting Edwards and, uh, O’Donnell should know:

“We also saw self-anointed Democratic "expert" Lawrence O'Donnell pen a fulminating screed on the Huffington Post demanding Edwards get out of the race - not surprising coming from a man who made his name running the U.S. Senate Finance Committee - long the most corrupt, lobbyist-ravaged panel in all of Washington (somehow, running the U.S. Congress's version of a pay-to-play casino now makes people credible "experts" in campaign strategy and political morality).”

Show me something BUILT TO LAST and can we stop buying all that stuff? Special thanks to Sista Doppelganger Jersey Cynic and Liz at Blondesense for their fine articles on what we gotta do…Read THE GREAT DANE here.

The Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (
is asking if H-1B Visa Reform will be talked about in the Presidential Debates and wants you to help make it happen! As you are well aware, report after report after report shows that there is no "shortage" of tech workers in the U.S. does not exist. Read Ron Hira’s latest article in InformationWeek here.

Click this link now and submit a question to be asked of the candidates at the CNN debates at the end of this month.A sample question:"Given the numerous reports showing there is no shortage of tech workers, would you agree to cut or eliminate the H-1B Visa program and to hiring Americans first?”

Which leads to Hire Americans First, a new site launched today in association with the Programmers Guild with the expressed goal to “build up a core of activists that will speak with the media, contact Congress, and be plaintiffs in Programmers Guild class actions (sharing in the damage awards). In order to reach out to as many U.S. tech workers as possible, we are doing this independent from the membership fee and other restrictions imposed by the Guild.”

Bob Oak at offers an inside view from Michigan on the campaign trail of John McCain and reminds us why we should never, ever vote for this douche who had the audacity to trot out Ms. No American has a God given right to a Job ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina (pronounced fee-whore-eena) in front of residents from the state with the highest unemployment rate.

Ok. Now get busy, spacefans, and go out in the streets and start making some noise. Remember,

“It’s Not the Economy, Stupid. IT’S YOUR JOB!”



Citizen Carrie said...

Wonderful links, 2Truthy. Ron Hira is one of the better writers in the field.

Bob Oak's article on John McCain is dead on. McCain's presentation with corporate bigwigs across the country should include a PowerPoint presentation of all of Michigan's closed plants, and tell them, "If offshoring worked for Michigan, it can work for you."

2Truthy said...

"If offshoring worked for Michigan, it can work for you."

LOL! We have heard for the last thirty years how "those jobs will never come back" and the sheeple backed off. The idea is to 'purge' this country of its whiny, needy middle class to make room for all those cheap foreign laborers who will do anything for two bucks an hour. Meanwhile, Mc Cain is courting the Latino voters (cannon fodder) and the Left finds this douche 'compassionate' for wanting to grant illegal immigrants amnesty (for all the wrong reasons...) How much more cynical can it get?

THEN there's venture capitalist pig Romney who is running to be CEO whose mantra is "we have to be competitive" and look how well that's worked out.