Sunday, January 6, 2008

John Edwards is Underdog: Live from New Trampshire

John Edwards Flies Over New Trampshire in Search of those who Rob and Plunder America's Disappearing Middle Class

Sweet Polly Purebread!

I don't know about the rest of you, but if the Dems have another repeat of Iowa, I am going to really not like the State of New Hampshire...

Anyway, John Edwards says he is Underdog!

If John Edwards is Underdog, then where was Shoeshine Boy when HOPEbama trolled victoriously through the cornfields of Iowa, stealing all the speed of lightning and roar of the Edwards campaign thunder? Huh?

Edwards may be the Underdog fighting all who rob and plunder in this campaign, running against two candidates with more than $200 million between them – but the REAL underdogs, just like the REAL O.J. killer or killers -- are the middle class and those without a voice in America today. You know, the ones who are getting robbed and plundered. Like you.

But don’t take MY word for it. Here. Read the rest and watch Underdog here.


Ace TV Reporter Sweet Polly Purebread aka 2Truthy

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