Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bush Indebted to Saudis while Haunted by Visit to Egypt

Saudi’s Hail Conversion of President Bush to Islam

George W. Bush visited Saudi Arabia this week and Robert Scheer asks in his HuffPo article today entitled Those Ungrateful Saudis

“What more can this president do to curry favor with the Saudis? He forgave them for nurturing the Wahhabism that spawned al-Qaeda, and he never embarrasses them with the fact that bin Laden and 15 of the19 hijackers who attacked America on 9/11 were born and raised in the kingdom. Nor did Bush let the inconvenient fact that the Saudi government had backed the Taliban until 9/11 intruded on his cozy relations with the royal family. That warmth, displayed at ranching cookouts in both countries, has now been reinforced by $20 billion in U.S. arms sales to the Saudis and their Persian Gulf allies, officially announced by Bush on Monday.”

As one commenter aptly points out, the Bush/Cheney Crime Cartel has “decimated the U.S. Economy, Shredded the U.S. Constitution, awoken the Talibangelicals, gutted the U.S. Military, sold off the U.S. Real Estate, and embarrassed the U.S. Democratic Governance, so that THEY and the Saudi King and Sheiks (and several generations of their descendants)can have more money than God and live like Kings of the World.”

Now that Bush has given away the store, what is left? The Saudi government continues its official promotion of Wahhabism, (the fundamentalist strain of Islam that is intolerant of anyone who doesn't follow their teachings) and visitors to the Saudi Kingdom are not permitted to bring their religious books with them (got that, Huck?) or to practice their religion while on Saudi soil (like Bush gives a shit.)

Even when oil was selling for $20 per barrel, the Saudis were wealthy as Clampetts with fully vested Google stock. But a real president would have told the Saudi King - not asked him but TOLD him - to pump more oil and reduce the market price. But nooooo…as Scheer sums up,

“Things have gotten so tough here that even Halliburton's CEO moved his headquarters to Dubai. The bad news for the Saudis is that Bush broke the United States--but they own it.”

As oil hits $100 a barrel, wages plummet, layoffs continue, cost of living prices soar and record home foreclosures are the order of the day, we have an election coming up to spark some real participation where we get to actually choose a brand NEW sociopath from a pre-arranged menu to be the NEW tool of the elitist, one Big Money Party. Oh boy! Somebody, cue “My Country Tis’ of Thee”…

Meanwhile, Bush is visiting Egypt today. Three years ago, Bush made Egypt, the most populous Arab country with some 79 million people, a focus of a policy to “push for greater democracy”, hailing it as a "great and proud nation" that could lead the Middle East toward democracy. Bush pointed to its 1979 peace treaty with Israel which made Egypt a “test case” for the President’s experiment in forced democracy abroad.

But stalled reforms and bitterness over the jailing of hundreds of dissidents are haunting his visit here Wednesday where the Egyptian government has bristled over what it considers American interference, and ties between the longtime allies have cooled.
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Everyone has their price. Our government has been hijacked, used and abused by elitist thugs who We the People elect into office while we whine our separate ways into captivity, hoping (got that HOPEbama) for a candidate every four years to be the real deal while the Empire crumbles... One would have thought the internet would have fixed that problem, uniting the unwashed masses with others collectively seeking truth to change (still with me, HOPEbama?) but the man behind the curtain controls that outlet, which may explain the odd rejection of populist issues on the Left at a time when it is clear that the economic state of the country is on the road to collapse.


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