Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mod Squad: Three Hip Democratic Senators on a Soul Beat

One Black. One White. One Blonde…

I knew there was something familiar about seeing the three Democratic frontrunners together. Then it hit me. Now, if Hillary would only use the theme music from THE MOD SQUAD (watch video) instead of that saccharine Celine Dion crap...

Only instead of fighting crime, these three senators are fighting Republican high crimes and misdemeanors one crooked, square thug at a time.

“This Bush cat man, that’s one bad trip!” Howls the action trio who vow to send Bush & Cheney’s sorry ass reality show into syndicated reruns for good!
Groovy, man. I can’t wait!



The Wendigo said...

That's good stuff. Gotta love the fake-groovy co-opted recycled Mod Squad vibe to the Big Demo-Dunces.

Clarence Williams III redeemed himself in Dave Chappelle's "Half-Baked," though. And Peggy Lipton had a good regular role in "Twin Peaks." Redemption for them, not for us!!

2Truthy said...

Are any of these guys still around?

I stopped *following* Peggy Lipton after her split with Quincy Jones, but heya, where are they when we need 'em?

Noooooo....we get the new Reality Show replacements, John, Barry and Hillz...