Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Huckabee to Iowans: "Hijack Your Church's Bus!"

What we need now are Bodies, and Plenty of ‘em…

DES MOINES, Iowa - Presidential candidates are making a final plea to Iowans: Turn out for tomorrow's caucuses, dead or alive. With the heft of a Dennis Kucinich endorsement, Barack Obama is telling Iowans that all they basically have to do is fog a mirror.

But just when you thought you’d seen Sandra Bullock save the bus in SPEED for the last time, rest assured that the rubber's hittin' the road in Iowa today as former Baptist minister turned Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee instructs Iowa’s flock to “hijack your church’s bus” to bring in a bunch of bodies! Bodies, I tell ya…we'll see how that goes.

At least 130,000 Democrats and 80,000 Republicans are expected to participate in nearly 1,800 neighborhood meetings across Iowa.


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