Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chicago Sun-Times Lays off Reporters

Organizations like suck.

Here’s why. According to its website, Compete America believes it is “fundamental to the United States’ innovation and economic leadership to provide world-class education and job training, and establish a secure and efficient employment-based immigration system that welcomes highly educated and talented professionals to our nation” at the expense of our working professionals and college graduates who, during this recession, are either being laid off or watching their compensation and benefits packages and wages decline as the corporate shitheads behind Compete America run the biggest “Great American Labor Shortage” scam past the citizens of this country under the banner of ‘globalization’ and ‘free-trade.’
In addition, Compete America is a veritable breeding ground of “Who’s Screwing Who” in this race to the bottom, with a surprising cast of characters from the Tech Lobby (TechNet) supporting this war on the middle class. In reality, Compete America serves as a world-class marketing arm or bullshitter for CEO’s to drive down wages.
In this recent article by Rob Sanchez entitled "Claims that U.S. future depends on immigrants puts ‘con’ in Silicon Valley", Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel, claims that the company can't find enough talented workers and yet "is eliminating thousands of jobs in locations such as New Mexico, California and Oregon. If Intel is having such a tough time finding qualified workers, why are they firing so many workers already in their employ?"

Where are all the journalists to report this news front and center? I know, I know. It’s hard work to get the latest on Britney’s bipolar disorder and somebody has to do it… But while media consolidation continues to drive more and more writers to the unemployment line or to lesser skilled jobs in the service economy like bartending or Macy’s concierge, what’s left of MSM reporting and the legions of blogger wannabes is a vacuum in reporting who’s screwing who for fear of being the cheese who stands alone when it comes time for that book endorsement from on-high or worse, a non-invite to the latest private Sundance screening.

Today the Chicago Sun-Times announced a hefty layoff of journalists from its pool.
According to the Chicago Tribune article,

“Seventeen Chicago Sun-Times union newsroom employees were laid off in a flurry of phone calls Wednesday, while another two accepted buyouts, according to union officials, bringing the final total of union and non-union reporters, editors and others in the editorial department shed in this reduction to 36.”

Phone Calls! They were fired ON THE PHONE! Were these journos called at 7:00 am in their homes? Or were they phoned at their desks and told they were being shitcanned? Oh, and the 55 and over crowd gets to look forward to

“assistance on health care coverage for up to five years”, while the package “offered younger staffers included a minimum of three months of health care and up to one year
for those with 15 years at the paper. One break for those involuntarily let go is their termination date officially will be in February, extending their health care coverage till the end of that month.”

WOW! This is America! 'Mercans don't get sick after 55 anyway, you bunch of EU socialized medicine, pansy pantywaists! We just tough it out...I am so glad we have Democratic candidates like Hillary but especially Barry H. “Hope” Obama, who believe in the power of Insurance Industry Lobbyists, Big Pharma, The Tech Lobby frat boys, Al Gore, Compete America, and Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economics. Who needs a Social Contract when Oprah can personally bankroll you for a thousand lifetimes and provide all the Blackwater security detail to keep the angry mobs off your gated, moated McMansion property line? The ‘Party of Ideas’ has merged into 'One Big, Fat Fucking Party of Ideas' and has media consolidation, mega-mogul Rupert Murdoch written all over it. Guess who’s been playing kissy face with that guy?
Oh, Democratic Party, where art thou?



Citizen Carrie said...

No need for reporters when all you need is someone monitoring the news aggregators. Today a sensational news story hit the Detroit papers today about text messages to and from Mayor Kilpatrick. I thought the real news story was that a Detroit reporter actually got off his butt, filed a FOIA request, and was able to get the dirt on some people.

2Truthy said...

Ah yes, those news aggregators are the real voices behind the curtains.

I DID catch the dirt on the Detroit Mayor and isn't it funny how dirt is "approved" by the news aggregating voices but stuff that actually affects the lives of real people like the machinations corporations will go through to lie about outsourcing and our food safety etc. are buried?