Thursday, February 25, 2010

California's Assembly Passes "Cuss Free Week" Resolution

California Passes 'Cuss Free Week' Resolution

For Immediate Release

Sacramento –- Hey all you potty mouths, California's Assembly approved a resolution today declaring the first week of March "Cuss Free Week" and the State's legislators need your help!

The shocking resolution will disabuse their right to “Dirty Free Speech” by assigning no-cuss jars to all 120 legislative offices in the Capitol and issuing a fine for offenders. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who may head the pack, will also be required to drop a few coins every time a naughty word slips out.

“WTF?” No cussing and most likely high-finger salutes, too, they say! I swear it's true:

Once the Senate follows suit, say good-bye to four-letter words, a few choice compound words and probably certain gestures, too. Not that police officers will be waiting with soap. That's isn't the point.”

Call in the Nannies! Who knew the State's legislators swore like a bunch of drunken sailors and would seek to restore “a little civility” to the Capitol by sprinkling a bit of the outrageous Mary Poppins about? If the ban is successful, LWOH Sacramento operative 'Linda' reports that the “Cuss Free Week” tour may soon hit the nation's schools, businesses, massage parlors, restaurants, crackhouses, trains, buses, planes, airports and houses of worship. Do we really have to say it? OK. FTS!

Pinky: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? So much for that good old U S of A 'Free Speech' thing, suckaz.



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