Friday, February 19, 2010

Microsoft to Outsource Legal Work to India

Bill Gates to American Professionals: "Buzz Off!"

Biting News

Redmond, WA -- Do educated American professionals bug the King of the Hubris Disease, Bill Gates, so much that he now wants to  swat more of them by outsourcing legal work to India, too? 

Yes! Despite the fact that millions of educated American engineers and legal professionals are unemployed and underemployed, where is the sense of community and conscience among U.S. corporate "leaders"?

This new report from the UK based Law Society Gazette reveals that Microsoft will begin outsourcing general legal work to India after signing a deal with legal process outsourcing (LPO) company CPA Global. The news comes as CPA outlined plans to expand its Indian workforce from 600 to 1,000 by the end of 2011, and even "hinted at opening another outsourcing centre." CPA said it will be taking on ‘multi-jurisdictional legal research’ for Microsoft, but would not disclose further details, citing client confidentiality. A CPA spokesman stated that the south Indian cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai are being considered as locations for a new CPA office.

This latest American job insecticide move from Microsoft to outsource legal work to cheap labor in India is not surprising (yours truly has reported here) as corporate America has relied on pricey legal firms like  Cohen & Grigsbygate to instruct them on how not to hire American workers.  When a country full of bon vivant lawyers team up with corporate executives to take away white collar jobs from American citizens and hand them over to foreign workers for a lucrative fee, it's only a matter of time when their greedy practices come back to bite them in the butt, too. Time to outsource the sociopaths?

Party on, plebes!


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