Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obama: Social Security Fix Would be Simple

HENDERSON, Nev. – Is Barry blowing more smoke up our skirts or does he mean it this time? He says he knows how to fix Social Security, so will he? If so, when?

President Barack Obama was in Nevada, you know, the same state that Harry Reid is from and whom Republicans are targeting for defeat in November's midterm elections. So why is it that politicians start talking sense right before every election cycle after they have left behind a trail of broken promises? (h/t David Sirota.)

Barry knows that the Social Security system is  running out of money but he now says that it can exist well into the future "with a slight fix." Currently, the system is funded with a tax on earnings up to $109,000 a year but Obama says  lifting that cap to tax a larger share of income would solve the problem. Without this adjustment, Social Security will begin to run out of money in  20 years as more people start to collect benefits.

This would, of course, also  be very unpopular with others  like the Michele Bachmannites who preach 'Social Security and Medicare' are the Devil's own spawn who have dodged the tax, but hey, WE like this whole Social Security deal and if he really means it, Yay  Obama! 



prezdumas said...

He looks like a more decrepit version of Tiger Woods at his Apology Conference.

2Truthy said...

But will Obama take a nine iron to the disastrous insurance bonanza thing he calls a "healthcare bill"?