Friday, February 26, 2010

"Tough Shit!" Jim Bunning Says

'Tough Shit!' Jim Bunning Says

Beam me the f*ck up! California's legislators are NOT the only ones displaying cussy verbal decorum, as at least one Kentucky Republican Senator may be harboring some kind of closet William Shatner festish after the naysaer shouted “Tough Shit” last night at Democrats who wanted to extend unemployment benefits for a measly 30 days.

HuffPo reports that Jim Bunning, a Republican United States Senator from Kentucky, is “single-handedly blocking needed Senate action to stop at least 1.2 million American workers from losing their unemployment benefits next month.” As Democratic senators pleaded over and over again for unanimous consent to a 30-day extension Thursday night, Bunning refused to go along,  telling Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley “Tough Shit.”

TOUGH SHIT! Jim Bunning Says.

Out of work Americans? Hahaha! Too bad. Yeah, too bad!  Politicians know there's big money for a select few corporate and political insiders in selling out American jobs to imported Indians, so what's the problem with not extending unemployment benefits another lousy 30 days? Why not ACCELERATE the pain 30 days sooner, haha, just for yucks.  Put 'em in their place.  What's a few more educated, Americans citizens to tumble out of the middle class onto the streets, just where the sociopathic, neo-frat boys and wannabes want 'em? Ain't it grand!

So, if your government is still selling out American jobs to cheap foreign workers which makes you unemployed with no job prospects in sight and you need (at least) 30 more days of benefits to do exotic things like splurge on a few cans of Little Friskies (not for their pets) or pay the rent –

TOUGH SHIT! Jim Bunning Says. Repeatedly, too!

Meanwhile, the One Big Party of Money continues to play the partisan plebes like a harmonica, as the insurance industry payday “health care debate” summit farce designed to force or mandate Americans to subsidize unaffordable insurance mafia plans at least keeps insufferable media hacks in the black. Of course, if there were jobs to pay for health insurance, then no problemo, yes? Hey Obama, how about that Job Bill?

Until then, Tough Shit! Like this nasty Republican says. And Democrats, nice try - but at the rate Congress and greedy corporate executives continue to sell out and labor arbitrage U.S. jobs to cheap foreign labor, a teeny 30 day extension on unemployment benefits for American citizens is like throwing a blanket on a ten-alarm fire. This problem won't go away until U.S. job outsourcing and insourcing labor practices are finally reformed.

Party on, plebes!



robert said...

It seems you've missed Bunning's point (along with a lot of other people). Let me lay it out simply:

1. Bunning agrees with the benefit extension. I heard the words from his mouth.
2. Every single dollar the gummint spends is borrowed; we are broke (penniless, insolvent, down-and-out, hard up, strapped, destitute, in hock to our eyeballs...)
3. The stimulus bill was larded up with all manner of pork and useless spending (golf cart earmarks, ACORN, $57000/house weatherization, tax-money for a bridge between Microsoft offices...) not to mention the money being wasted on worthless nation-building and support of third-world gangster governments.

So... if the Congress of the US cannot find ten billion dollars of spending to cut for this then there is no hope that any spending will ever be cut or reduced.

I got my pink slip yesterday (soft. engr.). So these matters interest me. The spending train wreck we're headed for also interests me as I would like to retire someday.

The villains here are the Dems like Patty Murray that cry crocodile tears for the poor people she and her ilk led to the slaughter in the first place.

And then there are the spineless Republicans who run for cover when an actual issue comes up.

2Truthy said...

Bunning's outburst and the predictable outrage from the Democrats is just another sideshow, but you DO have to give credit where credit is due: Bunning's “tough shit” soundbite couldn't brand the GOP better. Yes, the bread and circus aspect of it shouldn't be lost on anyone, with exception of the usual fools and tools who witlessly cheer and sneer over their favorite team's ruling class bidding that NEVER has anything to do with honestly helping Main Street. The populist nerve hit was “unemployment benefits” but here's the kicker:

Why is it that when it comes to MILITARY SPENDING, these Senate logjams never happen? Why are they always, immediately overcome?

True, the nation is going bankrupt but you can blame that on military spending. Further, if corporate America stopped outsourcing/insourcing jobs, this little problem about finding money for unemployment benefits would be mute. But the BEST Democrats are doing is pointing fingers as the big bad GOP instead of rallying their (or its I forget) base to throw out their congress weasels who are blowing greedy, insufferable and out of touch corporate “leaders” slopping at the blooming trough-box on the U.S taxpayer dime.

And where is the 24/7 media attention as to WHY increasing millions of Americans are losing their jobs and unemployment benefits? No where. Where are the lefty guys like Stewart & Colbert to expose the smug elites behind the curtain? These two used to be funny until they began the O boot-licking). The Bunning bluster is the latest episode from Democrats and Republicans in power to distract the plebes from the real, behind closed doors sucking sounds from Wall Street to the Beltway to Silicon Valley.

I wish you well in your job search, especially if you live in the land of Billy Goats - who never saw a smart American he couldn't dream about kicking to the curb for cheap, dubiously “skilled” labor and who must have every political whore in Washington State to enable him to do it.