Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whole Foods Market 'Organic' Food Made in China

Chumpsville, USA -- The above shocking video outs Whole Foods for importing all kinds of super pricey, fancy freezer-bagged "organic" fruit and vegetable items from...China!  When you thought you were preparing young Thurston a delicious, nutritious organic strawberry sundae with "organic" fruit and protecting your precious cargo against nasty pesticides that if, the foods were grown here would hopefully be monitored by the USDA, you WEREN'T! And at the rate the questionable "organic" food news is unfolding, you won't even wanna ask where those nuts for the sprinkle topping come from, either.

Don't feel bad. You're not the only ninny or  simpleton who would plunk down $4 or $5 dollars or MORE for a small bag of frozen fruit or vegetables with confusing labeling on the back that reads "Organic" and then in teeny, teeny little letters says...here it is..."MADE IN CHINA" from the nation's most overpriced, green store to the Stars and other garden variety insufferables. Maybe they don't grow these exported foods next door to the local e-waste dumps, either.



Delta Pearl said...

Well, it seems to me that if you'd ever really shopped at WFM you'd know that they have never claimed that they were stocked with 100% organic merchandise. They do hold themselves to a much higher standard than most food sellers. And honey, I feel your pain too. I can't afford to shop there either! Not fair! I can sure see why you are so angry and bitter about not being able to shop there.

2Truthy said...

Haha. I shop at Whole Foods all the time, but will pass on the 365 fruits and vegetables.

Speaking of vegetables - if you watch the video that explains their creative (mis)use of the word 'organic' to label their products, that might clear up your cluelessness. Then you can go project your misguided, presumptive comments and "angry" label elsewhere.

Melvin Toast said...

Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet premier and renowned saint within the Communist pantheon once famously said during the Cold War that "the West will sell us the rope we hang them with!"

That never came to pass. We did indeed sell them rope. But they eventually deposed and sometimes shot their corrupt leaders instead, no doubt saving the rope for laundry.

But here comes China. A self-avowed Communist nation. Communism, like Islam, is an ideology hell-bent on total control of the population. Yet our geniuses in the business world, hell-bent only on quarterly profits, would not even THINK of selling the Chinese the rope. They have gladly handed over this metaphorical strand of fiber in the form of technology patents, heavy machinery, industrial blueprints and computer hardware and software architecture.

The Chinese, in turn, have taken these "gifts" from our corrupt, self-serving business elite, turned loose their hordes of slave labor, and now sell us the very things we used to produce ourselves . . . impoverishing the lives of future Americans and, in this mad race to the bottom, eventually the lives of their own people as well.

Americans must now, as they have in the past, stand up against this tyranny from within.

Anonymous said...

WF espouses to be sustainable green, but why does it support imports that require the unnecessary use of polluting jets to regularly stock stores with food that we can grow and produce here? It doesn't make sense for WF or any grocery stores to import fruit and vegetables (and other food items) which we can and do (increasingly) grow here locally. Grocery stores that support corporate trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA that harm local U.S. businesses? Labeling products like these as organic when consumers believe the definition of that to be no pesticides, hormones, GMO or harmful processing, etc. is bad for business.If WF charges too much for these kinds of foods imported from China,how much would it cost if these foods were local?

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I buy fruits and vegetables at Whole Foods!! But I never listened about organic merchandise!

Anonymous said...


HyunChard said...

Do Whole Foods have a program of Organic food delivered to every houses?