Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All Is Not Well In The Castle

"In a false quarrel, there is no true valour." -William Shakespeare

Here in the leafy Kingdom of California, you might say that All is not well in the Castle.

The subjects are being injected with daily doses of Arnold's MSM opiates, provided for free by Arnold and Big Money. Arnold is an anti-intellectual celluloid candidate, marketed to us as a brand -- packaged and bundled for us with a shiny gold ribbon provided by his wife, Maria, and Big Money.

What California's citizens -- Republicans, Democrats and a few Independents want most of all is to be 'hip'. The Republican Party traditionally attracts anti-intellectual, pragmatic and pious voters that quite literally copy and emulate the intellectual mindshare of their intellectual, stylish and culturally innovative and creative Democratic opponents. In this case, Phil Angelides has outclassed his opponent in every area with one exception: he is not a famous actor with mainstream media support that pounds us daily with pro-Arnold PR. California reluctantly has its King and Queen, Arnold and Maria, in the Sacramento Capitol who want nothing more than to bang together all the democratic and republican heads in the Kingdom until there is nothing left but one big, fat powerful party of Big Money with a gilded drawbridge to drop down over the huge moat that protects them from the unsightly plebes.

The crux of the problem in California lies with voters' identification with the aggressor. In the school of psychology's parlance, Identification with the Aggressor is what happens when a captive victim's sense of self becomes so overwhelmed by the captor's aggression that he/she must imitate the captor in order to survive. Arianna's "Fearless" book tour is a nobile exercise in addressing it at the local level.The mainstream media with the financial backing of its uber wealthy corporate and entertainment zeitgeist have decided California's gubernatorial election outcome. I applaud Barbra Streisand, Warren Beatty, Laurie David and all of the many successful entertainment figures who refuse to mistake 'nobility' for 'complicity.'


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