Sunday, October 15, 2006

2Truthy's Concession Speech for Ned Lamont

"Ask not who your country can screw for you, ask who you will screw for your country." -Joe Lieberman

Friends of Connecticut, Fellow Democrats and Independents,

I stand before you all today to tell you that I am conceding my nomination to my opponent, Senator Joe Lieberman. I promise to keep this short as I know that many of you have Pre-Halloween shopping to do at Wal-Mart, homework to help the kids with, and second jobs (if you're lucky to even have one) to keep the creditors off your backs. The sad fact is that my numbers are just not holding up in the polls. And although I had counted on each and every one of yours votes, I know in my heart -- that between the mainstream media and your fierce determination to identify with wealthy millionaires like me and guys like Tom Friedman, you have succumbed to the illusion that Big Money, with its legions of corporate lobbyists and executives, can float all boats and you will all be damned if you don't hop on board the Good Ship Lieberman.

I say to you, and with deep regret-- not for me -- but for you -- that the dark days are here with the darkest days yet to come. For the growing divide between rich and poor in our once great nation widens daily and even though you have the opportunity to cast your ballots for candidates like me who can work hard to make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans like you, it is a sad day in American history when political whores like Joe Lieberman rise up in the polls by lying and pandering to get to the top. You see, to be a politician these days means to deviate morally and sexually for voters to actually believe that you have balls. As you ask yourselves if you would be better off with Joe or me, think about what the late, great JFK meant when he so poignantly implored every single citizen in this great nation:

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." -JFK

And although JFK was taken from us and the party of FDR much, much too soon, the essence of these immortal words still rings true; for each of you truly does have a voice in our democratic republic that when shouted out loudly and together can not be taken away -- not even by Big Money and the corporate whores to the establishment that perpetuate its solicitous pandering that has turned Beltway and Heartland politics into the hideous brothel of buggers our history has ever known.

Finally, I will be thinking of you all as I sail to the Caribbean on my Yacht November 7 as you cast your ballot for Joe but I know, that in my heart, I did my best to show you how we all could, together -- how we could change policy for the better, starting right here in our home state of Connecticut -- and to show the rest of this sorry ass of a country that we could and still can do much, much better.

Ned Lamont


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