Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Gropinator has the Most Spin

"Like the gropinator, the press spin for Arnold is an obscenely large mass of designer steroid muscle that has spun out of control." -2Truthy

Nice to see Phil Angelides in the news as he competes against Ahnuld for governor.

While the rest of the nation's Republicans struggle to "blow off the stink" of their groping elected officials, California's Republicans and faux Dems are "just saying no" to honest, well educated and experienced politicians like Phil Angelides. Whether it's Foley or Arnold groping boys or women, California seems to have no problem with a GOP groper for Governor--even when he is of the party of pedophiles.

Over these past two weeks surrounding the Foley pedophilia page scandal, Republicans nationwide have been declaring "embarrassment" and have resigned themselves to either switching parties or staying away from the polls altogether. Funny thing. That a lewd body builder/ actor who has had harassment allegations involving groping and humiliating people -- not only women but girly men -- to get elected Governor in the first place shows how little power citizens really have at the hands of corporate welfare. How mindless and adept Hollywood has become at sucking up to gropers and pedophiles in exchange for the perception of "cool", even when Ahnuld is the son of a Nazi and friend of Kurt Waldheim (Memo to Meathead and Spielberg -- who ought to know way better.)

Where are the poll numbers that demonstrate that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Gropinator cum Governor of California, is going down in the polls as are other GOP candidates around the country?

Who is handling these polls? The MSM has continuously put slanted spin on poll numbers and, in particular, rhetoric which favors Arnold. Like the gropinator, the press spin for Arnold is an obscenely large mass of designer steroid muscle that has spun out of control.

Anyway, Angelides is too smart for Leno's show. He ought to go on Colbert. And Letterman. And Jon Stewart. I'd even buy the ticket.


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Anonymous said...

too bad he lost, this state is nothing like it used to be although these days, the republicans are looking more like the democrats and vice/versa. there was a time here when college tuition was free and this place was known for its great musicians, peace and love and not "corporate welfare" as you say.