Monday, October 2, 2006

Schwarzenegger Woos the Black Preacher Vote

OK. It's time for a "Come to Jesus Meeting" in the state of California. As reported in yesterday's SF Chronicle by Carla Marinucci, Arnold is shaking down the State of California's black preachers to sing his praises -- or to buy their votes with that huge corporate campaign contribution War Chest?

Leave it to Arnold's Rovian handlers to 'whitewash' or paint a lousy picture over the democratic message to black preachers...why, even one Palo Alto preacher who lives right down the street from one of Arnold's biggest corporate donors, HP, has gone over to the dark side. Anyone smell HP money here?

But wouldn't Rosa Parks be spinning in her grave over this one? I am not surprised by yesterday's article. Will the October Surprise from the Angelides campaign be to unleash a big can of whoopass and mobilize the base? Aside from a few political consultants' posts on HuffPo, who is doing (writing, speaking, holding fundraisers, etc.) anything here to reel in the Silicon Valley Steve Westley faux democrat mob and the SF friends of Gavin Newsom and Willie "the Backstabber" Brown?

Well it's time for 2Truthy's grassroots efforts to kick in! If you will look beyond the outdated stereoptype -- But if every democrat in the state offers to take just ONE black preacher out to their neigborhood rib joint and have a COME TO JESUS MEETING with these disullioned preachers, then we will have salvaged a few votes AND saved a few souls!


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