Tuesday, October 3, 2006

ON BECOMING FEARLESS: Pedophiles Pursuing Pages

The Mark Foley pedophile scandal that broke last week has indeed got a few tongues wagging. And fingers, too, among other things.

The republicans have blown it big time and now that we have the lurid transcripts which some might argue we should never have been exposed to, it is time to do what the talented and amazing proprietress of the HuffPo, Arianna Huffington, would have us do: become FEARLESS against these out of control predators and take charge!

"On Becoming Fearless" shows us all how we can, through self examination of our own fears and weaknesses, develop the courage to overcome the daunting and often irrational fears in our heads that prevent us from getting what we want in our lives. There are so many things we can collectively do as a nation to affect positive change. In this specific instance of Mark Foley, we want him arrested by two gay 435 lb. Samoan Tongan parolees who decide to "adopt" him and then hijack him to an undisclosed location in the Ozarks where we never hear about him again.

"On Becoming Fearless" addresses the deep-seated fears which, when left unconquered, have the potential to wreak havoc not only on our own lives but the lives of those around us -- our neighbors, our communities and our country. We must all take responsibility and sense our civic duty to take the upper hand: we have just got to do better to help these people --these persistent national and international law breakers who are culturally, morally and spiritually as bankrupt as WorldCom floating down the River Styxx -- these REPUBLICANS and their faux democrat ilk who are incapable of behaviors suitable for holding government posts.

Come on! Ariannna didn't write this book fer nothin'! Let's mobilize and vote these bums out of office! And now that Foley is through, let's vote ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER out of office in November! Vote for Phil Angelides. Today, President Bush said in a news conference that "the Democrats are soft on war." Let's DE-FOLEYATE the Sacramento Capitol of gropers like Arnold.

We are not "soft" on war; we are only just beginning the long, hard won battle to victory which can be ours come November and 2008.

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