Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our Doublewide Democracy

Our Doublewide Democracy

"Democracy? Get over it. If we can't shop for it at Wal-Mart, then we just can't afford it."-
Schwarzenegger ahead in a blue state? I now understand why my Dad, along with the majority of Americans stopped bothering to vote after the gargantuan wheels of the Nixon era demolition truck started the engine of its great ride to tear down our bill of rights. We the People are screwed. The pursuit of liberty and justice is now exclusively confined to the corridors of Washington's beltway and the upstairs crowd of business executives who together, craft the corporate tax loopholes and deficient infrastructure policies that erode our safety and freedoms to create the have and have not society that we now have today. The scraps that fall downstairs to the Plebes are getting harder and harder to find.

Whores to the Establishment like Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote the book on "cross-over voting", which is actually a euphemism for The Big Money Party (BMP). The BMP is the emerging party of wealth that has resulted in the GOP machine devouring the DLC and its Dem supporters. Together, these lobbyists, greedy multinational corporate executives and elected welfare policy makers work to eradicate the middle class. And let's not forget the role of the mainstream media, which orchestrates the message to the masses in such a way that even trailertrash foolishly believe that by identifying with wealthy white guys in Hollywood, they too, can have it all. The MSM is the new church for the masses, replacing religion with a daily dose of magazines like "People" and TV shows like "Entertainment Tonight" as the number one Opiate of the People. Entertainment and Governtainment go hand in hand. It's all about consolidation...a two-headed monster just like the consolidation of repubulicans and democrats which is now one party of Big Money.

Although I like to think that my doublewide is the finest on the lot, my gut level instincts tell me that I might be slumming...that I ought to think about finally doing something about the lime green living room shag carpeting covering up the cigarette burns and the gunshot hole in the floor. Hey, I can afford to update my place. I've got a little money -- unless I don't get fired or laid off again (I can't afford to go without health insurance since I had cancer and if I don't have a job, I can't get insurance). Anyway, I also have a little money so I can take that vacation to upstate Idaho and rent a little a cabin in the woods for a couple of weeks and smoke all the cigarettes I want -- I'll even take the dogs with me to keep me company and by the time I get back, the midterm elections will be all over and then everybody will remember why it didn't really matter if they even voted at all, because our corrupt political system these days is stacked so that the biggest bullshitter always wins.

Well ok. So I don't really live in a trailer at all and don't smoke and do live in a bucolic town which is described as one of the most affluent communities in the state. But I would give my zip code to any politician who would, if they could, enact policies that would provide a single payer health care plan for all, create just employment policies that benefit our citizens and not imported or outsourced cheap, inefficient white collar labor, and commitment to the creation and execution (Arnold won't execute) of pro-environmental bills that will improve life for everyone Oh well. One can dream...

But here in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger will -- and with gusto -- continue to support corporate welfare policies that have been gutting the people of California's services and infrastructure since the Reagan era. It is cynical to think that so many democrats are crossing over to vote republican -- the well-known party of hate -- because the democratic party is supposed to be party that cares. The terms "republican and democrat" don't mean jackshit. Schwarzenegger owes his success to his "cross-over" marriage with his bulimic "cross-over" wife Maria Shriver, a Big Money Party supporter. Like the Two-Headed Drunken Sailor that together they are, this country of 300 Million can look forward to permanent tax cuts for the wealthy, permanent tuition hikes for the Plebes, the shitty LNG plant along HWY 1 just north of Malibu that will destroy the pristine view and make Oxnard look like the Na Pali Coast, a trashed environment, prohibitive fuel costs, more outsourced white collar jobs, almost 100 MILLION people without health insurance, and a bunch of immigrants from certain countries that want to kill us. And like Dubya likes to say, we Americans have steely resolve. This is America, where endless opportunity meets the pavement of millions of parking lots all across the country. When the going gets tough, the tough get shopping. Maybe I can find a cross-over voter mask made in China just in time for Halloween! Hey, I can even buy a whole bunch, mark them up and then sell them on eBay and bring in enough cash to replace that lime green shag carpet...This business of "democracy" rocks.

Democracy? Get over it. If we can't shop for it at Wal-Mart, then we just can't afford it.

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