Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Schwarzenegger Drives Humvee Through Mojave Desert

In a symbolic attempt to prove to Phil Angelides that "driving a hummvee through corporate interest tax loopholes" would be utterly impossible, Arnold Schwarzenegger set out yesterday from the Mojave desert in one of his humvees with three Exxon-Mobil lobbyists in tow for what the governor described as a "special off-road summit meeting where we got work done to navigate the (loop) holes." Under the starry skies, the governor and the lobbyists pitched a tent, grilled hotdogs, knocked back a bottle of Chateau Paulet Tres Grande Fine Cognac VSOP and puffed on Cuban cigars throughout the night while they all "got on the same page." (No, not THAT kind of page -- reportedly, they did not invite any "pages" to grope on this particular outing...)

Schwarzenegger later told one staffer via cellphone that he and the three lobbyists planned to return to the Sacramento State Capitol for an evening press conference to "show to the people just how really, really small and hard to find -- this loophole, you know, how hard it is to really see it."

Despite the large amount of gas consumed for this unusual lobbyist summit, the governor gave assurances that he is "all for the environment." He added "there are all kinds of different hummvees I can use to drive around in and the people can't really smell the gas and pollution around the desert anyway so you know, they can not see and smell it so -- so what?"

The message here? If "the people" can't see a tax loophole to drive a humvee through, then one must not exist, according to the GOP bible of logic.

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