Sunday, October 8, 2006


It's all part of Steve Schmidt's (Schwarzenegger's Campaign Manager and former chief advisor for Cheney) slick election year script. But why should Schwarzenegger's Bush/Cheney campaign team have all the fun designing their corporate owned Election-Year California Governor?

Now you too can get in the act and create your very own Governor Schwarzenegger! click on

Distributed by ROVE TOYS, there are three flip-flopping-fun Bush Buddy Arnolds you can make your own!

- Too Cool for School Arnold - Actually raises tuition and fees!
- Special Interest Arnold - Featuring money bag accessories!
- Too Healthy to Care Arnold - Kicks nurses' butts!

Bush Buddy Arnolds make the perfect election season gift for anyone who's been hurt by Arnold Schwarzenegger's corporate welfare policies.

After you create your Bush Buddy Arnold, be sure to send it on to your friends and family members so they can join in the fun too! Will it be the smooth-talking politician or the Governor that wanted to kick nurses' butts? The candidate who said he didn't need money from anyone, or the Governor who's taken more than $100 million in special interest cash?*

*Courtesy Cathy Calfo/Angelides Campaign 2006

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