Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Democratic Debate Tonight: Will Hillary Get Sweet Mental Revenge?

Pink States Vs. Black States: Will Hillary Get Sweet Mental Revenge on Obama?
(Special Eternal Thanks to the Late, So Great Waylon Jennings)

Get your mouse ears out, folks!

Disney Channel’s own ABC will be televising my “fellow” Chicago native, Crown Royal whiskey drinking Hillary Clinton and Barack "The Bitter" Obama's debate tonight!

Brace yourselves for an entertaining evening of two corporate welfare backed candidates duking it out for the last time live. And don’t worry about any prodding intellectual journalists to moderate the debate and ask horribly unstimulating questions most Americans want solutions to, like: the increasing number of disappearing white collar jobs due to “legal” immigration, lack of access to healthcare and housing, eroding infrastructures and civil liberties and the permanent occupation of troops in Iraq, because this made for TV Reality Show is being hosted by two ACTUAL television talking heads, George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson!

For all you undecided Dems, here's the real soul-searching question to help narrow down your pick:
“Who would you rather have a glass of Cristal with?”

I can’t wait!



Citizen Carrie said...

TooTruthy, thanks for the link to Modern Patriot. That's a very informative website.

I have an idea. How about if Hillary C. moves into your house for week, and Barack O. moves into my house for a week, and we can teach them what's really on the minds of voters?

2Truthy said...

No fair! You get to go bowling while Hilz and I scavenge the taverns and drown our sorrows in cheap liquor!! (Although after last night's debate, she clearly mopped the podium and may find a pulse in PA)

Wondering who is this Modern Patriot, speaking for more and more white collar workers to a mute, asleep at the wheel progressive Dem party.