Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tom Friedman Gets Pie Thrown in Face

Flatworlder Tom Friedman's Ship Comes In

-Tom "Billionairre Blowhard" Friedman Holds Court -

Well that was rich!

America’s not-so-favorite douchebag extraordinaire to the political one-world-flatworld stars, Tom “Billionairre Blowhard” Friedman, got a pie thrown in his face yesterday at Brown University!

Why? Does shilling and stomping and whoring around with a few get rich quick green-startup elites who see green $$$$ at the expense of ravaging the planet of dwindling, precious resources and some savvy environmentalist groups having his number bring good company and porfolio returns?

As usual, some of the comments are the best part of articles. Here’s my favorite:

If you're going to be throwing pies in the faces of notable people at public events, then you're going to need practice. And don't even bother trying a pie assault if you're not willing to get close enough to your target to risk apprehension. These were obviously amateurs.” -Liam



Tom Friedman said...

Libel ! Sue!

2Truthy said...

Yo Tommmy, You mean the pie throwing never took place at Brown and your flat world is still flat and you no longer are onboard with handing over American jobs to cheap third world labor courtesy the American taxpayer so that you and your friends can create a society of Have and Have Nots right here in the land of the free? The pie throwing took place at Brown but the that charming pic was at Brandeis.

Cicero said...

How do these sadistic subhumans who wish to throw their own countrymen under the bus by giving their jobs away to imported "skilled labor" (hahaha)sleep at night?