Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton a Straight Shooter?

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Read "Clinton Becomes a Gun Lover"



BlondeSense Liz said...

Do you know that my father in law hates hillary so much that his veins pop out of his head when she comes up in conversation. I finally asked him why he hates her so much and he called her a murderer. I kid you not.

He also hates al gore. So I asked him why. I can't remember all he said, but he was exactly describing Dumya.

He listens to Rush and watches Fox. No doubt, he is very mixed up. sad.

2Truthy said...

Hey Liz, My Republican dad dismisses ALL Dems -- ALL --- as weasels who want his money and after that, like your father in law, gets his talking points de jour from Faux News and some other weirdo financial guy named Cramer and thinks that the hater Savage is deep(;... He also believes that global warming is not a man made occurence and, short of recyling, stops at what we can do about slowing and halting by extension, he lumps Gore into the crackpot pool.

I dislike Gore for one very different reason: If Gore wanted to do something about our disappearing white collar jobs, as a Google board member with plenty of ties to the tech lobby he is in a perfect position to stop it but he won't. Other than that, his commitment to climate change remedies is commendable. Oh-- and he's a Deadhead:)