Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Private Jet Profits and Demand Soar as TSA Rips Off Passengers

TSA Security Guards Examine Passenger Booty

Happy Skyjet Passengers and Crew

“In our world, success is measured by getting the smallest detail absolutely right and making sure that our clients are treated as individuals.”-Skyjet Manager

Is the convergence of record breaking private jet industry growth and the unprecedented decline of commercial aviation for the masses a mere coincidence or have global elites (haves) finally succeeded in pulling the rug out (flying carpet) from under the plebes (have not’s) in this escalating war on America’s middle class? As high oil prices and the global credit squeeze are affecting demand for new commercial aircraft production, demand for business jets such as Bombardier get a lift as company earnings soar. Toronto based Bombardier reported “better-than-expected fourth-quarter results” earlier this month, doubling its earnings year-over-year:

"Fiscal year 2008 has been excellent on all fronts," said Laurent Beaudoin, Bombardier's chief executive, in a conference call discussing the results.”

Who exactly is buying and leasing and chartering all of these private jets as this nation’s economy tanks, the subprime mortgage crisis rages, H-1B bills are “stacking up like cordwood” as white collar jobs are being handed over to cheap foreign workers to displace educated Americans faster than you can say “VISTA SUCKS” while an asleep at the switch Congress and State Department look the other away?

To anyone who has noticed, Business Class seating has become almost extinct in today’s airline industry as they scramble to “pool” resources to remain airborn. As the private jet industry is taking off, domestic and international air travel has never been more hellish for passengers and airline personnel alike. At a time when more and more business travelers are taking private and chartered flights and are availed ready access to those private jet companies for personal travel as well, the plebes are finding themselves on the opposite side of the growing divide of this chasm of corporate welfare backed greed. One need look no further to the deteriorating state of the airline industry for signs of the growing divide between the first ever, have and have not society that America’s corporate masters have designed. Through an economic prism, witness the historical decline of American civilization as we have known it.

Let Them Eat Honeywell 14 inch Primus Epic screens. Decline of Civilization 101. First, there were “people” who eventually evolved into “consumers” only to have ended up on the slagheap of the inevitable “peasant” heap in this have and have- not race to the bottom. Now, with an ever complicit American sheeple about to caste their ballots today in PA with a three-way, *tough decision* between the three-headed corporate welfare candidate, McClob who will ensure more pain and suffering for at least two hundred and fifty million Americans and others, we can momentarily be lulled into a false sense of “hope” as we all sit back and watch elites of this country loot what’s left from a dying middle class, hell-bent without conscience on replacing this country’s educated middle class head count with the third world’s “best and brightest” in order for a few to profit wildly.

As if the declining airline industry weren’t enough, enter TSA, otherwise known as “Taking Stuff Away” (from YOU, dear peasant traveler.) Weary flight travelers of the nation and the world: Tired of being shaken down, humiliated, and harassed by TSA under the auspices of “protecting your safety” yet? In a *shocking* revelation no one would have ever dreamed of, TSA can now also be credited for stealing or “ripping off” everything from your money, jewelry, designer sunglasses, shoes, perfume and electronic devices! And guess what? YOUR government is down with that!

Not to worry, because this Sunday’s edition of MSNBC offered a few helpful tips to ensure the TSA doesn't swipe your stuff. For all coach traveling, greyhound bus-of-the-skies-fliers who have no other choice but to book the unfriendly, increasingly dangerous and mercenary commercial skies of this global one world, losing a pair of designer sunglasses may be the least of your worries as global passengers are bringing over new, unregulated threat: tuberculosis. In this new, global one world, it will soon be considered a politically incorrect “hate crime” to dare insist that our legislators make it mandatory to test all immigrants traveling into this country for diseases like TB.

As Mike Swift reports in this San Jose Mercury News article New TB Threat: Global ties bring an ancient disease to Silicon Valley, the “ancient” disease of tuberculosis is being spread in this country while officials look the other way. Is it any wonder why private jet demand is soaring? Why don’t Americans demand that their elected officials enact laws which ensure the screening all passengers entering this country from the third world before stepping on aircraft? It’s not surprising that private jet/charter jetliners take pains to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers.

Here is what one Skyjet manager had to say about the “insatiable growth” the private jet company is experiencing and how they take special care to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers in this thriving industry:

“The sales team is doing an amazing job and signing new customers daily. Combine this with a great product and it's easy to see why business is booming! To give you some idea, in August 2007, we handled three times the number of trips that we did in August 2006”.


“The department is constantly busy and we are currently seeing new peaks in travel that have previously not existed. Traditional busy times were isolated to the summer months, the Cannes film festival and the winter ski season. New peaks include international property and art fairs and a number of important sporting and business events.”


“The varying workload versus the number of staff we have on duty. Skyjet believes in investing heavily in staff. Growth in the business was incredible last year and given that we will only recruit the best of the best it has been challenging to keep up with the demands upon us. We are blessed in having an experienced and instinctive human resources manager who actively fast tracks the recruitment processes and streamlines new appointments.”

Note in the above paragraph that Skyjet appears to be following the lowest bid, cheap labor arbitrage method as an attractive operating principle, as referenced by these quotes:

“We will only recruit the best of the best” and that it has been “challenging to keep up with the demands upon us” along with the “instinctive human resources manager” who “actively fastracks” recruitment.

Heaven forbid that all private jet production come to a near-grinding halt and that the corporate world put that money back in to the commercial carriers, for somebody might break a nail tossing their pet carriers into the TSA screening bins or get their silk ascots stuck in the conveyor belts while reaching for their Blackberry or worse --- contract a deadly disease by breathing the SAME air that those dreadful beasts from the third world whom they’ve recruited here might kill them or their precious cargo. Oh, the places we can go when we finally realize the rewards of deregulation…

How does the end of that prayer go? “In a world without greed, Amen.”


Citizen Carrie said...

Am I ever glad that I'm not forced to be a frequent flyer! I haven't been on a commercial flight since 2003. We drive everywhere now.

I think airline travel was better before deregulation. Bring on expensive air fare! Businesses thought twice before requiring their employees to jump on the next flight to Boston ASAP as if the employees were on-call firefighters. People who moved away from their families weren't pressured to fly back home for their second cousin's son's wedding.

2Truthy said...

How nice to hear you can avoid the ever increasing indignities most people must endure to fly these days. Bring back the road trips! But the have and have-not master planners have taken their war on the middle class to air travel, and we can (surprise) expect to pay MORE for the horrors, too!

Private jet travel is taking off while simultaneously, air travel for the masses is being, ehm, discouraged for citizens of this country. Couldn't come at a better time, since most of them won't have jobs anyway to pay for the hefty tix prices. So how will commercial airlines make their money? Incoming international flights, my dear.

U. Rascag said...

I met this horribly nosey couple once on a commercial flight where
I had a middle seat and they were seated on opposite sides of me and they didn't even want to change to sit next to each other while I had to do work on my laptop. They looked at my computer the whole time.

Kathy or Katie and Mick or Mike I think were their names. Terribly unattractive, nosey people. Commercial flying sucks.

2Truthy said...

U, That sucks. I know what you mean, when you are on long flights, you are forced to be around creepy people like this that you would never be otherwise.

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