Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Al Green

Al Green is Blues - One Woman

Oh sure. Reverend Al Green's great hits "Let's Stay Together" and "I'm Still in Love with You" were blockbusters.

Here's a little known gem (best song he ever did.) But don't take it from yours truly -- just like high school, if it's not popular, how can it shine?

Happy Birthday, Al!



Citizen Carrie said...

I absolutely adore Al Green! Thanks for the video. I think he did the best all time versions of "Love and Happiness" and "For the Good Times".

(Though Etta James did an awfully good "Love and Happiness".)

2Truthy said...

OMG! thnx for reminding me, CC of "Love and Happiness"! Etta James did it? I'm searching for it now:)

I love this song! I mean, what other song about a two timer can possibly move you to tears than Al Green singing 'One Woman'?

Then again, I've always been a sucker for minor chords and soul.