Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama Loses the Sympathy Vote

-Pompous Blowhards with their own Norwegian Seed Vaults-

"It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
-Barack Obama at SF Fundraiser-

Barack Obama tipped his hand when he made the above comment last Sunday at a swank, wine infused San Francisco fundraiser. For the majority of America’s white collar citizens who didn’t get the invitation to this real estate developer’s castle, Barack spoke to a receptive jury of his peers here – a well-heeled “I Got Mine” crowd of about 300 who support Barack despite his pledge of helping the tech lobby, sleazy immigration law firms and the rest of corporate America to get away with outsourcing/insourcing and driving down wages… kind of like the Nazi sympathizers of Germany only this time, the target for death is America’s educated middle class -- that’s a lot of people who have invested heavily in their educations and communities. Everyone asked “why” when the genocide of Jews occurred under all of those Hinterland noses, but where are the so-called progressives here to wake up and smell the strudel?

Unless you’ve been passed over for a promotion at a Hedge Fund, were out-bidded on prime real estate in Napa, weren’t invited to the RSA after-party at Coco 500 or just took a hit on your GE shares, Barack Obama simply doesn’t feel your pain. It’s not that he’s a bad guy…he was simply being brutally honest in his elitist view of the unwashed masses which includes just about everybody who doesn’t have at least a seven figure portfolio.

Memo to Barry: read Harold Meyerson’s lips: TRADE POLICY SHOULD PUT U.S. WORKERS FIRST. Repeat.

Let’s break Obama’s unabashed “Us vs. Them” sentence down:

1.) They get bitter. “Bitter”? Does Barack Obama seriously equate the legalized, orchestrated collusion of Corporate America and Academia to force millions of educated white collar citizens out the workforce with some kind of a tea garden spat? “Bitter”? When millions of educated Americans are waking up to smell the latte about their jobs disappearing, their kids’ college education costs skyrocketing along with food, housing and oil with no access to healthcare, “bitter” doesn’t begin to describe the state of mind most Americans are in.
2.) They cling to guns or religion. Let’s start with the guns part. Is Obama revealing the angst his handlers have about what the plebes with guns will do when they all collectively and finally “get” the fact that a few wealthy elites have sucked this economy dry and are now laying down the Biggest Brother surveillance program civilization has ever known?
3.) Now for the religion part. Has anyone noticed this recent and peculiar, orchestrated Judeo-Christian angst or bashing of anyone who attends a house of worship? Yours truly is not exactly the church lady and is as against fundamentalism as the next normal person, but hey, come on -- this whole “one world anti-religion” kick distinctly and specifically reeks of Jonestown. Is the Obama campaign with it’s “hope and change” mantra supposed to lull us all into this false sense of security while the Tom Friedeman Flatworlder elites loot what’s left of this sorry ass country? For most non-whack jobs, religion is a personal and individual choice – which is something groupthink CAN NOT tolerate.
4.) Antipathy to people who aren’t like them. “Antipathy”? Tell us, Barack, who exactly are “these people” who aren’t like “them”? Here, Obama is trying to mask his hubris soaked, profound and blatant “Us versus them” thinking by turning the tables on millions of taxpaying Americans whose freedoms are being eroded so that a few elites can profit. No, Barack. Americans have “antipathy” toward hijacked government officials and greedy, arrogant corporate executives for promoting corporate welfare policies at the expense of civil community. Let’s not insult the intelligence of the smartest people in the room by insinuating that educated Americans have “antipathy” against immigrants, which is the cheapest shot undermining the civility of this discourse. American citizens should be treated with respect, consideration and pride when it comes to their right to labor policies. Americans have a right to work in their country and when a crooked and corrupt DHS changes the rules to profit the tech lobby to flood an already overcrowded job market, you can shove this whole bogus accusation of “antipathy” straight up your insufferable, Harvard Hawaiian Hasting Pudding!!! The fact that you and your moonies want to stuff this country with the dubious “best and brightest” from abroad for a fraction of what our citizens should be earning makes the dyin’ grandpa in the Grapes of Wrath look like a Roman holiday. (IMHO, David Sirota back in the day would summarize this phenomenon better than anyone.)
5.) Anti-immigrant or anti-trade sentiment. At no time in this county’s history has there been such an amoral, incivil and traitorous government as this current band of bipartisan thugs who conspire with the sycophant Corporate America to raise and eliminate the H-1B cap, hand out green cards like they were candy, and to cut deals with sleazy body shops like Infosys and Wipro and Tata etc. (Hillary is co-Chair of the Senate India Caucus) and overpopulate the country with cheap foreign labor while there are not enough jobs to employ our own college graduates and middle aged citizens.

As Harold Meyerson writes:

"What's been missing in America's trade policy is a preference for Americans. The object of trade in China is to help the Chinese nation. German trade is designed to help Germany; Scandinavian, to help the Scandinavian nations. The U.S. government has never taken on the mission of defending the American economy, or the American people, in the global economy.
In the absence of such a national economic strategy, is it any wonder that by a ratio of better than 2-to-1, Americans now oppose free trade? Even the relatively few editorialists who acknowledge the nation needs to do more to help our economically beleaguered populace insist that new trade deals should be consummated before governmental measures that might augment the power and income of actual Americans. Why? Why not first develop a coherent national strategy to foster better and more rewarding jobs here at home, and only then return to the regimen of trade pacts with other nations? Why, in the rush to cut these deals, do the American people amount to no more than an afterthought?"

Barack Obama’s SF fundraiser comment nailed it: that is, the final nail in his own coffin of character on the altar of greed and incivility targeted at America’s educated white collar citizen. Obama’s American Hater comment reflects everything he believes in: the power and money behind the few wealthy elites backing his campaign at the expense of everyone else not a member of Corporate America Club Sycophant.

For the Haahvaad grad who grew up in Hawaii and hates the whole idea of an educated American getting a white collar job that can instead by handed off to an imported worker instead, he is merely proving to his shadow organization of handlers, the Tech Lobby and Corporate America that he can “out smug” any crowd by being completely honest in his allegiance to outsource American jobs, make Joe Taxpayer foot the bill for foreign students to take their kids’ seats in our universities AND make U.S. citizens pay for that, too.

What’s the big deal here? Barack is simply demonstrating that he can embrace this disturbing neo-patriotism of HATE AMERICANS FIRST instead of HIRE AMERICANS FIRST better than Hillary! That’s his job – to best Hillary when it comes time to proving to his corporate masters that he can kick an American white collar worker down better than some girl! After all, Hillary took the same oath at Google HQ-- to turn the United States into a halfway house of imported workers by offing America’s white collar middle class.

In his excellent and timely article which I have referenced above, Howard Meyerson asks, “What about us”?

Well Barack, What about us? According to you and your corporate welfare pals, there no longer is an “Us” or a “We” in America. Only “Have” and “Have Not” and you look like you can indeed lead that charge in this war on America’s educated middle class!

Is the Obama campaign taking a page from Social Darwinism and the "survival of the fittest" once espoused by the Nazi elite? According to Adolph Hitler, democracy undermined the natural selection of ruling elites and was 'nothing other than the systematic cultivation of human failure. Joseph Goebbels who was Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for the German Third Reich under Hitler maintained that the people never rule themselves and claimed that every history-making epoch had been created by aristocrats. The transformation of Germany into a totalitarian nation ruled by elites was supported by the propaganda system managed by Joseph Goebbels.

Noam Chomsky explained how the Nazi propaganda system worked and how the US advertising model was used for that purpose. These horrific sentiments guiding our current political system and culture have led us into this aristocratic plutocracy and so far, the Dems are down with that.

Congratulations, Barry. You finally succeeded in besting Hillary.



2Truthy said...

HASTY pudding...not HASTING pudding......

Anonymous said...

u're saying the same thing that Obama. What's your point?

2Truthy said...

anon, ummm....can you rephrase your question?

Let me recap:

*Obama's comment reflects what every other insufferable elitist who appears to confuse the word "humility" with embarassment. Recent example: instead of saying "I want orange juice" when offered coffee at the Indy diner he could have said

"No thank you mam, if I drank that cup of coffee you're offering me you may as well leave the whole pot cause that shit'll keep me up at fuck77ng night" etc., you know, "when in Rome, do as the Romans?" Jesus, this is kindergarten social etiquette and this guy calls himself a politician?????????????????

Ask yourself "what would John Edwards do?" Edwards believes in social justice and acts like it. He would have made sure to make that waitress feel like an equal and not pull rank, but that's the thing that "I Got Mine" people could give a shit about. They don't believe in the spirit of community -- only in what they have amassed compared to the Jones and just want more, more...

*Obama's backers picked the greenest and most maleable elitist they could run (the proverbial empty suit) to push through profitable legistlation that will shift tax burdens from privately held startups to Joe Taxpayer and don't happen to get the warmest fuzzies from Billary. Hope this clarifies my point.

RK said...

Like you, I see Obama as coming across not as a "bad guy" but as someone who is sheltered, pampered, and beholden only to the power elite.His comment exposed his true alliances.Who is his campaign's Goebbels?Some say Obama is such a great orator, but he is in reality a pretty bad speaker.(anyone who has been on an S&D team will understand this.)I have always thought he comes across as wooden and empty, like someone is pulling his strings.Your "us v. them" breakdown describes how he feels about anyone outside of his bubble.

2Truthy said...


What Obama MEANT to say:

"Those HOPEless losers will never have all this! Like the almighty Nan Kempner said, One can never be too rich or too thin!" -BO

Anonymous said...

Obama didn't only alienate "small town" people but ANYONE IN URBAN CITIES who doesn't reject religion and doesn't wnat immigrants to take their jobs. He DIDN'T say he would stop it to those who attended that fundraiser because THEY are all for it, too. Those people who went to that fundraiser want more outsourcing too. They don't care about the people here losing jobs, they think that's cool. Then he has the temerity to say "they" CLING to guns because they're "bitter"? He can't get his head out of his own ass, let alone his backers.
He can't even explain what he meant by his revealing comment because he is so arrogant and insulated he doens't think anyting's wrong with being a tool of corporate crooks.

2Truthy said...


I agree that he seems to be aloof to what his backers want from him and/or he just doesn't care about the corporate/political push to keep white collar/blue collar citizens unemployed. Of the three McClob candidates, he looks like he has the least conscience.