Saturday, April 26, 2008

Does Bill Gates Own the Department of Homeland of Security?

Herr Gates Leading the War on America's Educated White Collar Professionals

Fascist Leader Bill Gates
Enlists Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff to Lead War on U.S. White Collar Professionals

Special Report: What do we do about the millions of deadbeat enablers of fascism?
by W. Christopher Epler

In a union, they're called scabs. In a dysfunctional family, they're called enablers.

The core tragedy of America (and the world) is that deadbeats far outnumber progressives, independents, and moderates. They are the rotten core of the now poisonous American apple. The illusion is that elite fascists are powerful because of their strength and cleverness. Utterly false! The reality is that they are default powerful because of scabs, enablers, and deadbeats. Read entire article here.

Bill Gates is a very wealthy man who can afford to buy anything and anyone he wants. Now that Microsoft reported disappointing quarterly earnings is it any coincidence that the accelerated push to allow MORE cheap labor into this country is being handled by the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?

The DHS and Bill Gates have bypassed Congress to accelerate the biggest white collar job killer citizens of this country have yet to see: a backdoor increase to H-1B visas by a fascist ruling that “extends the time period for non-immigrant students graduating with technical degrees in the U.S. in the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program.”

Since when did it become the job of the DHS to rid this country of professional white collar job opportunities for its own citizens? Fox guarding chicken coop doesn’t begin to describe this treasonous act against citizens of this country. What exactly IS the job of DHS?

Let’s see now…after 9-11, a special department was formed to go git bin Laden which of course, never happened. Then, a bunch of thugs called the TSA (Taking Stuff Away) was formed to harass and steal personal possessions from airline passengers. And now, the head of the department, Michael Chertoff, has signed on to kick America’s white collar workers to the curb. Splendid!

Feeling SAFE now, everybody?

The most cynical twist of the knife into the backs of millions of American white collar professionals is that the greedy Gates & Crew (Tech Lobby) have succeeded to co-opt and hijack our government organizations, turning the tables by sicking the one organization (DHS) against the very people that it was dubiously conceived to “protect”, lulling the country into a woefully false sense of security as Michael Chertoff struts around like Rhode Island Red, Head Rooster, guarding the chicken coop. Why is Mr. Chertoff’s DHS not protecting American white collar workers?

Isn’t the DHS supposed to protect us all from all those bearded, bad-guy terrorists so we can have a better life here at home and keep us safe when natural disasters strike and flood us out of our homes? Oh, right. Chertoff and Gates are clearly talking about somebody else’s “homeland”, the one in Southeast Asia that is laughing their asses off at our collectively inert population who enable these fascists to take away our jobs, healthcare, and grind our constitution to shreds.

Let them eat sludge! What a team, Gates and Chertoff -- to lead the extinction of America’s educated white collar professionals.




Citizen Carrie said...

"DHS is responsible for protecting the movement of international trade across US borders, maximizing the security of the international supply chain, and for engaging foreign governments and trading partners in programs designed to identify and eliminate security threats before these arrive at US ports and borders."

I got this from the Department of Homeland Security website.

I guess Chertoff could invoke "protecting the movement of international trade across US borders" and "maximizing the security of the international supply chain" in his ruling about extending the Optional Practical Training program for foreign students.

Maybe the American middle class should be put on the list of homegrown terror threats, as we try to impede the supply cheap labor going into our country and high paying jobs leaving our country.

2Truthy said...


I read that link. American white collar workers are not human to these ghouls but excess "commodities" or waste in their grand slave wage labor scam, impeding their glorious hater mission to recreate the Indian caste system here. Cue up Battle Hymn of the Republic!

Doesn't that video say it all?

Check out this quote below from one video commenter about Congress, which appears to have been invented to take money from special interests and enact laws that harm people:

"This country is exactly where the US Congress wants it to be. They have the power and the constitutional authority to enact any law to over ride a president's authority. As low as Bush's approval ratings, their's is lower. There is your irony."

prezdumas said...

The change was to extent the F1 visa to 29 months for those with H1B applications (even if they are not accepted. This basically means that if they can find an employer to sponsor them, then they can work for 2 1/2 years, even if they don't ever get the H1B visa.

BTW, F1 visas are for foreign graduates of US colleges, not foreigners with bogus degrees and/or only superficial english skills, as it appears is the case for quite a few Indian H1B's.

My personal feeling is that if you can get a real degree from one of the top US college (that is, not degree mills such as U of Phoenix, and Bob Jones), then you should be able to stay and work. Forcing these people to leave after their degree would be a loss for the US. These degrees are subsidized to various extents--some with U.S. tax dollars!

2Truthy said...


I agree that the students who are qualified to study in the U.S. and receive degrees from our leading universities should be able to apply upon graduation for jobs here should they decide to do so. And of course, they do. The question is why are U.S. taxpayers subsidizing the children of foreign citizens to study here when our own middle class citizens' are paying full fare and receiving no such subsidies for Americans to study here? Further, and this is the greatest problem: upon graducation, these foreign students are preferred by corporations becuase they come from poor countries and will work here for slave labor wages or deperessed wages unsustainable for the costs of housing, healthcare, food and transporation, among other things.

Labor laws which protect the right to Americans to work over foreign, cheap imported labor must be implemented to protect our citizens. We are no longer in any position to accomodate cheap workers from abroad when there are not enough jobs here for our own.