Friday, August 22, 2008

Joe and BO a "Go"?

Joe and BO: Are they a “Go”?
(Photo courtesy Huffington Post)

Read more in today's HuffPo headline Prediction Market Bets on Biden Here.

But how about this bet for veep?


That could work.
“He just has to swallow hard and do what JFK did in picking rival Lyndon Johnson in 1960”
said one liberal activist and maverick presidential candidate. Obama may indeed dislike Hillary, but does he have little choice but to “get over it” in hopes of leaving Denver next week with a unified Democratic party and a winner’s shot against John McCain? “The polls show a whopping 25 percent of Hillary’s supporters are NOT yet on board.

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Happy Friday, Loserettes!


Citizen Carrie said...

I wasn't even born yet when JFK picked LBJ as a running mate, but I doubt if JFK felt like he had to watch his back the way Obama will feel if he has Clinton on board.

Or, do you think HIllary would just be happy with the trappings of the VP office? Shaking hands with heads of state, that sort of thing? It's not a bad gig. You can go around grandstanding all you want and not do any actual work.

2Truthy said...

"I used to care, but, things have changed."

NO, The handshaking stints would be way, way too beneath Hillary. Fuck that shit.

Your's truly has always been an admirer of fellow Chicagoean Hillary... before she took the Status Quo oath to sell out the middle class.