Monday, August 18, 2008

(Secretive) Women for Obama Party Tonight

(Photo credits Getty Images/courtesy NY Magazine)

Women for Obama Party Tonight

Are you a woman for Obama?

Sherry Lansing is. That’s why confirmed rumors today confirmed that the ex-Paramount chief is allegedly hosting a Hollywood invitation only “unity-gathering and outreach to Hillary supporters shin-dig for women at her home tonight! And no, it is NOT being billed as a “fundraiser” which is, of course, doublespeak for anyone who hasn’t already ponied-up a few thousand bucks to the campaign can hit the road.

Guess who will be on hand, billed as the “very special guest” to party down with?


For more details on the exact time and directions to Sherry’s place, well, good luck. Although LWOH is hoping to hear back before sunrise tomorrow from a stealth West Hollywood Hills operative, we’re not holding our breath.


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