Friday, August 15, 2008

Rush Limbaugh's Misogynistic Exploitation of Elizabeth Edwards

“God created man but did not have it patented, and so now any nitwit can copy him.”
-Jan Werich

As if We Need any More Reasons to Turn off Rush Limbaugh

Okay, that’s it. If it’s not one disgusting headline after another in the game of partisan “party politics” it is now unequivocally fair to say that after being exposed to Limbaugh’s misogynistic exploitation of Elizabeth Edwards’ misfortune over her husband’s affair by targeting the former presidential candidate’s wife with sleaze, Rush Limbaugh is living proof that there is no depth to the bowels of Hades and the road that leads to it.

Although I withdrew my support for John Edwards after he took the pledge to sell out white collar jobs, I was initially an ardent Edwards supporter and donor and, am in particular, impressed with his lovely wife, Elizabeth for her intelligence, stature, and successful legal career, professionalism and grace under fire as a loving wife and mother facing an incurable cancer sentence and a heartbreaking marital affair -- publicly, no less.

For anyone who has been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer believe me, after feeling like you have just been punched in the stomach and will no longer breath, you do – only never in the same way again, as each new day is a gift to hold close, as dear as every single person in your life, as now you know that nothing and nobody on this earth is perfect, after all. To live a life of integrity and love, to give back to this world just a little more kindness, patience, and forgiveness than we came here with is to live a life of incredible strength.

Why is it that nitwit jerks (of all partisan stripes) take every opportunity to confuse kindness with weakness?

LWOH has chosen not to report on the Edwards’ affair in part, due to disappointment in John Edwards on how he ran his campaign platform choices but mostly out of respect for his lovely wife and their family. It is nobody else’s business, including my own, to judge, much less care about anyone else’s personal life. Unless of course, you are like Larry Craig and insist on being heterosexual but break the law by soliciting gay sex in the MSP mensroom which was later denied then admitted, sort of, even when you’re all for anti-gay legislation.

Poem (dedicated to Elizabeth Edwards)
-by Piet Hein-

Problems worthy of attack

Prove thier worth by hitting back.

Put up in a place where it's easy to see

The cryptic admonishment


When you feel how depressingly

Slowly you climb,

It's well to remember that

Things Take Time.

Knowing what

Thou knowest not

Is in a sense


Our choicest plans have fallen through

Our airiest castles tumbled over,

Because of lines we neatly drew

And later neatly stumbled over.

Living is a thing you do

Now or never -- which do you?

He that lets the small things bind him

Leaves the great undone behind him.

To be brave is to behave

Bravely when your heart is faint.

So you can be really brave

Only when you really ain't.

A lifetime is more than sufficiently long

For people to get what there is of it wrong.

Happy Friday, Loserettes!



Citizen Carrie said...

I can't imagine why Rush Limbaugh refuses to climb out of the sewers, except he probably makes a lot more money in the stench than in the clean air.

2Truthy said...

CC, You said it. It all comes down to profiting off of hate and debasement. And where is that "v-chip" for grown ups?

To draw upon my advertising background, the slick and dubious old Hollywood and MSM media argument that entertainment and infotainment "gives the viewer/listening audience what they demand" comes to mind.

Is this bilious media programming that emphasizes such a lack of humanity and civility defining our "New" American society or is it all just a mindless free for all on this race to the bottom?

Just as this election process of "getting to pick one of two dictators", the degrees of separation between "ordinary" citizens and scurrilous media magnates and the sycophant, new media wannabes seeking to profit are too numerous to make any meaningful difference to better our society.

At the end of the day, the only thing we are left with is a scorecard of "who treated who shittier" and this how the rest of the world, these days, is left to judge America.

sftierney said...

t.t.,No one is surprised with anything out of that fat you know what's mouth. You know, Elizabeth always struck me more as his mother, which sort of explains why she was silent while she knew of the affair when he was running. But then what else WOULD she do? I'm a believer in "that's right, the women are smarter" politics so she gave him the rope and now he can swing on it. Great post,beautiful poem and please, please my dear, stay well!!!

2Truthy said...

VIDEO UPDATE: Hey Rush and Biparisan Rush wannabes, WERE YOU BORN AN ASSHOLE? Thanks T. This low-blow, porno style behavior hurled at Elizabeth after she construcively confronted Rush on his Vietnam War deferment last year is what the Party of haters do best...too bad a few Dems also emulate assholes like Rush with this whole hate thy neighbor schtick. Maybe Bill will straigten 'em out in Denver. Damn, Bill was the best two-term Republican the White House ever had (even the Republicans couldn't balance a budget like the Big Dog.)

BF said...

What is it about draft-bailing, butt-boiling, RW drug addicts with their own radio shows that makes them exempt from being rational and cordial when speaking on the air about a dying woman?

2Truthy said...

Uck -- I forgot about the ass surgery and put up Buffet's ASSHOLE song nonetheless!