Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Riding the Rails

-Very special thanks to the awesome K.D. Lang-

Is it my imagination or does K.D. Lang resemble Wayne Newton, a whole lot?

In her excellent blog post GMAC Is Dead And Deals Vanish From Showrooms
New York State resident and Culture of Life News proprietress Elaine Meinel Supkis explains the decline of the automotive industry and why we need to resurrect the rail systems which are, in America, currently limited to thriving metro areas while millions outside of urban areas and various suburban corridors are exclusively restricted to the automobile.

New York State resident and King of Clusterfuck Nation, author James Howard Kunstler, is also a fan of restoring the choo-choo trains. This week, he offers mindbending grist for the mill for “real American life in the real world” with his most insightful Batman movie critique.

In James Howard Kunstler's movie review (see August 4th Archive) Dark (K)night, the author sketches at once a hilarious and woefully futile comparison of how our own cartoonish, 21st Century sadomasochistic and nihilistic society mirrors soulless approval of the lifestyle of kazillionairre Bruce Wayne’s Gotham City, with all of its “foolish over- investments in complexity”:

“This is perhaps an interesting new form of dramaturgy -- instead of good-versus-evil you only get befuddlement-versus-evil. Goodness has lost its way in the dark night of the American psyche, as might be understandable considering the nation of louts, liars, grifters, bullies, meth freaks, harpies, and tattooed creeps we have become. The best we can bring to this predicament is the low-grade pop therapy that passes for thinking nowadays in educated circles. Any consideration of the heroic is off the menu here. We can't ask that much of ourselves. It's too difficult to imagine. Meanwhile, The People -- that is, the citizens of Gotham City -- literally banish even the possibility of heroism from town at the end of the movie -- they take an axe to it! -- perhaps indicating that they deserve whatever befalls them or, shall I say, "us."

On this note, there is no more “we” in America -- as the dark forces behind the ruling overlords know that what is best to sustain true, civil “community” is certain death to the eternally damned gravy train that sustains the Bruce Wayne’s of this One World Master Plan as the plebes chug along with the duopoly party line.


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