Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama bin-Biden: Will they Lead this War on America's Middle Class?

Obama bin-Biden

2Truthy’s Cahones/Charisma DNC Speaker Rating (click on speeches of note links.)

Michelle Obama spoke. 0 = meh.
Hillary spoke. 6 = killer orange pantsuit and blue backdrop. Was she planning on prison time?
Joe Biden spoke. 7.5 = smooth as a tumbler of Courvoisier.
Jill Biden spoke. 5 = who knew Biden’s wife was so hot?
Dennis Kucinich spoke. 9.5 = should have been the frontrunner.
The Big Dog spoke. 10 = everybody loves Bill. Stay tuned for the reality TV show.
Tonight, The Illinois Enema Bandit speaks!

Wake up, America! It’s that exciting election time of year again, when all good Democrats suspend their better judgment to actually believe the stupefying lies and bullshit their chosen candidates spew in order to shore up the voting bloc of the poor, tired, disenfranchised and huddled masses. (If it weren’t so hilarious, it would be cynical.) And what better way to shore them up by creating MORE of them! Genius!

So forget about the war on terror and come back to this war on America’s middle class. You know the one, where white collar jobs are disappearing along with the blue collar ones, and you no longer have access (much less affordable) to healthcare, your phones and computers are prey and delightful folly for a slew of horribly overpaid, smug and unattractive losers who hawk useless technology and have nothing better to do than look into your shorts and actually gossip about it. Oh yes, spacefans, the Democrats are angling for the top job to seal the deal on taking you down in this race to the bottom. I know. An “Independent” candidate will only mess things up but hey, since Ralph Nader is set to be on the ballot nationwide for the first time, these times are changing, baby. (I will be posting separately on Ralph Nader and Sean Penn’s great speech.)

Did anyone catch Bill Clinton’s terrific humanity speech? The man has got to be the best political and public speaker this country every served up. But oh boy, back to the Democratic agenda: Who cares if this country can’t sustain its current population with great paying jobs and healthcare in a prosperous, humane way? In other words, the Democrats are committed to expanding corporate welfare programs just as much, if not more -- than Republicans. One. Big. Money. Party. Period.

The Democratic Party relies upon a huge pool of poor people in order to gain support. So far, the Democrats have done a great job at siding with corporate welfare policies that sell out our white collar jobs, limit access to healthcare, and erode our civil liberties. To learn more about how committed the Democrats are to selling out this nation’s citizens to the third world, visit and read Rob Oak’s excellent article today on Joe Biden’s betrayal of his blue collar roots and how he will add to the Democratic ticket to sell out American professionals. Never mind Barack Obama’s caving on FISA, supporting the expansion of immigration during a time when jobs (white and blue collar) are disappearing and his flimsy healthcare plan…Democratic voters like to forget, much like driving with their eyes closed.

This week in Denver, amidst plenty of 24/7 news coverage and 25/7 private security and law enforcement, the Democrats are proving to the nation once again (as they do every four years) that they are the other half of the One Party of Big Money, comprised of bipartisan Republicans and Democrats. According to this ABC News article, wealthy members of what is described as the "Pelosi 100" attended a “private, lavish party Monday night in the penthouse suite of the Denver Performing Arts Center, featuring Tony Bennett, John Legend and James Taylor.” Tony Bennett? Hmm. I wonder if Alec Baldwin made it…At any rate, beyond the ring of the Pelosi 100, lies an extended family of corporate welfare sponsors who are giving it their best shot to make sure that you, dear plebey reader, will have even less access to a well paying white collar job or single payer healthcare. And all kinds of other good stuff.

Yes, it’s true. The Democrats dig this whole elitist have and have not scene even more than the Republicans and NEED the lesser haves to support their pyramid scheme. As Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation describes the chosen ones in Denver this week:

"It feels very elitist," said Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit group that pushes for openness in politics. "To flaunt the fact that there is a higher elite class of people who are big political donors, who have reached that status because they have more money, feels fundamentally undemocratic," she said.

And how about that arrested ABC News producer? Make sure to click on that link where you get to watch Asa Eslocker get assaulted by police for standing on a public sidewalk attempting to take photos of Democratic senators and VIP donors if front of the Brown Palace Hotel. Don’t forget to click that link and watch what your corporate sponsored Democratic Convention masterminds think of what it means to live in a Democratic society. Suckas. Meanwhile, the best that Democratic supporters can do is bleat and smear intelligent third party candidates like Ralph Nader who is the only one standing up for them. Oh, the allure of jumping off a cliff because everyone else is…Then again, isn’t that the definition of politics?

Why was there such a heavy police/security presence with police telling reporters "no media is allowed," although observers on the balcony of a nearby apartment building could view the scene? Was it because the unwashed masses are only in town for window dressing to validate greedy media and corporate insiders? Was it because this convention is NOT really about stopping job outsourcing to legal and illegal immigrants or providing single payer health care at all or demanding a stop to illegal wiretapping? Was it because economic justice and our freedoms spell disaster for the insiders who stand to gain with a heavily invested Obama/Biden ticket?
Oh no, you sillies. It was all about a beauty pagent.

But aren’t Democrats supposed to be the People’s Party? Hahahahahha. How quickly Democrats forget and forgive that is was Joe Biden who championed a bill that is responsible for hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their homes. …

Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe… Beltway insider Joe "Bankruptcy Bill" Biden is smooth, and no doubt an addition to the Obama financial/tech/AIPAC lobby backed agenda. Yet it was Democrat Joe Biden – who has reportedly enjoyed hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from credit industry executives – who endorsed the measure early on and worked to gather Democratic support for it.

Way to go, Democrats. And what of our white collar jobs disappearing faster than you can say tandoori? Who do you suppose is minding the store on that front? The Democrats?? HA! With any luck at all, maybe the Democratic voters will figure out that this hopeless band of thugs – some with awesome speaking abilities -- called the Democratic candidates are not down with them after all.

I would like to believe as much as any other Democrat that this Democratic ticket has our citizen's best interests at heart and will put the brakes on outsourcing and display a middle finger to the lobbyists (tech, banking, insurance, AIPAC and big pharma) who currently sit in their back pockets. With the One Big Party of Money? When pigs fly.



Citizen Carrie said...

I wish Big Money would make it easy on us and start flocking back to the Republicans.

2Truthy said...

The Republicans, this time around, to be sure, are welcome take the bullet for this upcoming economic train wreck. But somehow, I don't think this will happen.

The hubris soaked Obama, instead, IMHO, will be elected and with his exclusive tech/Gore/ Beltway insider connections will blaze the Glory of the most truimphant lockdown this country has ever known. Suckas!

thetownliar said...

You wrote "killer orange pantsuit and blue backdrop. Was she planning on prison time?"

Didn't you know.

First of all, about that Hillary speech.She trails the Holy in her ability to hypnotize but makes up for it in spades..oh please don't call me racist, hehe, in her intelligent if not "even" delivery.

Here's something to match your photo menagerie and captions.

You asked if she was planning on prison time?

Orange is the symbolic color of the Ukrainian Revolutionaries who protested the "selection" of the President in a rigged election. There was massive corruption, voter intimidation and direct electoral fraud.