Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bailout Nation: Americans Losing to Outsourcing, Globalization

-Choking on Globalist Propaganda-
Bailout Nation: Americans Losing to Outsourcing, Globalization

Is America Losing at Globalization?

Daniel Gross of Newsweek asks this week whether America’s “ownership society” has allowed itself to sink into the “bailout nation” that citizens across this country -- on both the Right and the Left --- are complicit in as they embrace all the glorious hoo-ha under the elitist banner of the woefully hyped up sell out of jobs, access to affordable college tuition and healthcare under the banner of “globalization.” While this cold war on America's middle class wages on, corporate gatekeeping journalists are never too far away from reminding us that we can continue to eat cake as long as we continue to put up with it.

Despite the fact that even MSM rags like Newsweek produce titles such as the one above that touch upon how the American citizen is screwed by globalization, will Americans still remain committed to vote for the two-headed, bipartisan corporate welfare punk, McBama, who represent this wholesale global sell out of America? And what of the crying plebes on the Left who continue to blame the MSM for not dealing the inside straight and not reporting on all the right stuff? The Left is partially correct, as this particular article demonstrates the power of what a corporate gatekeeping journalist can do with teaser titles (such as the one above) that begs answers to a legitimate question only to substitute global, one world propaganda expressly architected to loot the American middle class.

According to Gross, The United States has now “lost its capacity to determine the direction of the global economy.” The direction? Which one would that be? As in, straight down to hell? As is the case with all journalists whose livelihoods rely upon corporate overlord gatekeeping so as not to unduly incite the plebes, Gross at least begs the question in this Sunday’s news headline format of an MSM rag, eight weeks prior to a presidential election which begs the Kool-Aid addled to take a reality check on why McBama is the final dealth knell to American middle class survivability, civility and national security.

As global natural resources dwindle while the world’s population grows unsustainably, American corporate elites, in complicity with a few Congress critters and State Department officials, have negotiated secret trade deals (that MSM rags are not typically wont to report on) with India and China to sell out white collar jobs and with it, the means for affordable college educations for our kids to the third world. Why the Left is down with this is all about the global groupthink. Assistant U.S. trade representative, Sean Spicer, cites the “diffusion of economic power” as being partially to blame:

"The World Trade Organization now has 153 members," he said. "Ten years ago it had 80. And China and India obviously now have bigger seats at the table." Russia's recent actions in the Caucasus have revealed that the United States no longer has the ability to use economic power as a tool of statecraft. How can the Bush administration impose economic sanctions on a government that owns hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. debt?”

Well, here’s a novel idea: just for starters, why not stop handing off our jobs to the third world, stop subsiding third world students’ educations and start subsidizing our own students and start innovating (anything and everything) here again? According to this Economic Populist article China is enjoying a surge of unity and prosperity as they have become the manufacturing capital of the world. But would we, for instance, be called “racist” for demanding to innovate once again in the USA? And if so, what would we innovate? Surely, there are all kinds of alternative energy solutions. But have overinflated, redundant information technology companies like Google peaked and reached a plateau?

Citizen Carrie of Carrie's Nation takes a closer look at a little known business process invention called Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) which apparently educated white collar Americans are again, considered either too stupid or retarded to do here. With so much global information overload, mismanagement and over-management going around, will the economic Holy Grail for the masses, after all, not be found in last ditch land grabs by cloying Indians "cooking up" even more dubious KPO flim-flam "solutions" but rather, in a broader, more balanced participation of making the world’s widgets and innovative technologies here at home?

How bad can things get for white collar Americans, how did they get this way in the first place and who are the culprits? According to Jeffrey Garten, professor of international trade and finance at the Yale School of Management,

“in the year 2000, the world's wealthiest countries accounted for about 70 percent of the global economy, compared with 30 percent for developing economies. "At the midpoint of the 21st century, those percentages are going to be reversed.”

That is a firm, confident estimate, but what is it based upon? The only way the above percentages are going to be reversed is if we continue on this trajectory of allowing our corrupt politicians and corporate overlords to sell us out. Without a radical change from the electorate or masses of both parties to demand these changes from the candidates in this upcoming election, little can be done to stop the bleeding of our economic and national security. Short of seeing the unlikely spector of a third party candidate winning the presidency, like Nancy Pelosi so famously declared, “the American public gets the leaders they deserve.” Hear that, Left?

Sins of journalistic omissions. Gross declares that globalization “doesn't have to be a winner-take-all, zero-sum game” as he references a study by Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's, noting that exports—up 13.2 percent in the second quarter—have created hundreds of thousands of jobs this year. So why is it that for ninety five percent of Americans during this same time, more food prices are skyrocketing, more white collar jobs are disappearing, more Americans have lost their homes, can’t afford college tuition for their kids and don’t have healthcare? Unfortunately, after corporate MSM gatekeeping journalists entice us with attractive headlines such as Gross does with this article, only to resort to the old bait and switch technique of hyping up Wall Street with useless GDP numbers based on bad trade deals that involve selling out American jobs while Main Street goes to hell.

Gross breathlessly reports:

“There are still plenty of economic events in which the United States sweeps the medals: farming, high tech, higher education, branded goods.”

Without naming names, dates, or other relevant, investigative journalism tidbits that might otherwise raise the bar on credibility at Newsweek and to be fair, so-called progressive blogs and "new media" climbers that pine to be the new corporate gatekeepers, the author of this article and other gatekeeping wannabes stop short of telling the whole story. As is the case of this article, Zandi’s quarterly “growth” statistic alone fails to connect the dots for the gross disconnect between the downward spiral in the quality of living for Americans by withholding those pesky details about the back room deals between our Congress, State Department officials and the India lobby (courtesy those lovely Dems, Hillary and Joe Biden) to trade our American jobs and university seats to third world foreign nationals in exchange for lucrative nuclear proliferation deals responsible for this unprecedented wholesale sell out of the American citizen.

Eight separate boats with teams or one boat with eight disparate nations? In his Olympian attempt to conclude the Newsweek article and reinforce the Global, One World Theme, Gross parts with this splashing tribute to corporate overlords everywhere:

“The global economy is no longer an individual event. Now it's more like the eight-person crew. That's an event in which several powerful strokers propel the boat forward through choppy waters. It's also an event in which the American women nudged out furious international competition to win gold.”

The pride we all felt here, indeed, when those American women won fairly and squarely through their commitment to the home team they played on and represented, and these talented athletes took home the gold. For whose team? No, it wasn't a "global" team. It was Team America. Will Americans rekindle the passion for rugged individualism (no, no, not the gun toting "I got mine" variety but pride in the neighborhood) that made this place great by uniting as a country to put our own people in our own neighborhoods first again? Or will Americans continue to fold, and waffle and cave and sink to this losing proposition that global elites love, called globalization?
Oh well. As long as there is a rainbow...



Citizen Carrie said...

Sheesh, where does one even start with the Newsweek article? Maybe I'm overlooking something, but did Gross offer even one piece of practical advice for people facing hard times? Except the implication that hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created by the new global economy, and perhaps we're not looking hard enough for them?

Sheer determination and will power can only take a person so far in a job hunt. Every once in a while, you need an actual offer.

I'm kind of ambivalent about the high price of oil right now. A lot of people are complaining about the high price of fuel, and the accompanying higher prices on everything else. I sense that people are starting to question the status quo on what our nation's political and business leaders have been force feeding us over the last several years.

Like the article implies, our voices are starting to be heard, but only the part about the high cost of energy. (Not that our leaders are doing anything about it. They're just acknowledging that Americans are pissed off.) If the price of fuel were to suddenly drop below $3.00 per gallon, one feels that the politiicians and business leaders would start singing "Happy Days are Here Again" and start outsourcing everything at even higher rates. (With journalists and economists cheering them on.) My questions is, if the price of oil were to drop, would the American people still be anti-globalists?

Citizen Carrie said...

I want to highlight that one link you have for the American State Department guy who gave the speech to the Chinese students in Beijing. He told the students:

"Every state debates the amount of money allocated for higher education each year. Every state wants to keep education fees low to benefit its own low-income students. But every year, states agree to use tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize the students that come from foreign nations. These billions of dollars demonstrate a true American commitment to diversity and international understanding."

Shameful. Just shameful.

2Truthy said...

Hey CC, I wrote about this as a shining example of how truly, truly slick the DEPARTMENT OF DISINFORMATION when it comes to the number one problem affecting this largely stupid population.

When I first read this headline, I though "Yes"! only to find this formulaic, more sophisticated media propaganda tactic...take a populist message, headline it and then offer all kinds of reasons, stats and explanations for how the looting elites are getting fatter at the expense of the other 99%.

I have the same ambivalence about oil prices, and say, bring it on. Maybe when it gets to ten bucks a gallon, the rest of these idiots will finally start getting a clue.

2Truthy said...

...And thanks for highlighting that very important, telling and revealing salespitch to the Chinese about how much our State Department thinks Americans can go suck it when it comes to kicking their kids' students asses to the curb in exchange for theirs.

The Dipstick of Delhi said...

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