Monday, August 25, 2008

Sheryl Crow Rocks the Unwiped Asses of the Unwashed Masses at the DNC in Red Rocks

All I Wanna do is Wipe My Buns

All I wanna do
Is wipe my buns
I gotta feelin’
I’m not the only one.”


Sheryl Crow’s least favorite mistake?

The ‘tear only one square’ joke Sheryl Crow made last year that backed up from here to Burma which caused the press to forget to flush over the singer’s remark she made while cruising the East Coast on her Climate Change Tour with Laurie David has all been forgotten.

Sheryl took a lot of sh*t for that crack, she’s back in top form as she stumps for Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Red Rocks.

Who can blame Sheryl for requesting that the ‘unwiped asses’ of the unwashed masses should go without that extra roll of toilet paper when BOTH presidential candidates are all for job outsourcing and before long, they won’t even be able to afford one roll anyway? (NEVER MIND the fact that Sheryl can afford to TP the whole country for the next ten thousand years…)

Rock On, Sheryl!


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