Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tech Lobby Ditches American Students and Scientists

We Don't Need No Education...To Flip Burgers

As Fast Track (watch Lou Dobbs below) is being debated and the Skil Bill lurks behind closed doors, the stealth tech lobby in the United States is sinking the chances for Americans to regain competitiveness in the field of engineering by lying to us and our students about a so-called "skilled labor" shortage by discouraging our teenagers to Study Computer science. Since the formation of the tech lobby TechNet six years ago, a handful of self-described corporate elites under the direction of Bill Gates and the Silicon Valley driven tech lobby, with its sincerest insincerity, continue to discourage American high school college-bound students from entering the field of computer science as they simultaneously turn around and boldly proclaim "we don't have enough skilled technical programmers." While Gates also continues to fine tune the art of hypocrisy by visiting our college campuses and encouraging students to study Computer Science anyway, students are now aware the tech lobby is aggressively working to displace American existing and incoming Computer Scientists by driving down wages, as Forbes Magazine recently reported that the average Microsoft salary for programmers has dwindled from 100K to the median wage of 50K. The point is, we can not validate an “educational” crisis in this country without first reforming disastrous outsourcing agreements.

According to the IEEE, fewer than 35% of working engineers would recommend software engineering to their children as a profession. And that is a conservative number. As our young, potential engineering students bear witness to this anti-American, greedy discrimination against our middle class, they struggle to redefine their career interests that will merit their college educations.

Meanwhile, unemployment among our professional engineers is high and growing as more and more Americans - many with advanced degrees from our finest universities-- are replaced by outsourced and imported, cheap foreign labor from India. Yet on any given day, Bill Gates says he can't find Americans to fill jobs while there are millions who are unemployed. This is a lie by omission and of his expectations of salary to skill ratio, a deceptive and revealing stance on the tech lobby’s vision to displace educated Americans and permanently replace them with cheap labor from India.

To the tech lobby, an educated middle class American is just another brick in the wall.

While complacent citizens watch our politicians kow-tow to this corporate greed, our jobs, our infrastructure and our civil rights are being destroyed in this modern day crisis not unlike the Holocaust. But to do nothing as these greedy, hubris stuffed corporate elites ruin the lives of unlimited, millions of more Americans to come, the words of Mark Twain come to mind:

“There are two times in a man’s life when he should not speculate: when he can’t afford it and when he can.”


Lou Dobbs - Bill Gates Testifies to Senate: Part 1

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llamajockey said...

God Bless Lou Dobbs.

I just finished reading his last two books.

Unfortunately the current Blogging Elite, Atrios, Daily Kos, Digby, Yglesias, Josh Marshall do not realize that Dobbs is not leading the debate on Illegal Immigration and Labor Arbitrage. Instead Dobbs is a man who truly does interact with his audience and investigates their real concerns and problems in order to get at the underlying truth. Dobbs is reacting to his audience. He is absolutely honest when he says that the job of a journalist is to respond to and serve the public interest.

Dobbs is unapologetic in stating that his a liberal Republican. He has said time and time again that his personal heroes where Welfare Capitalists like Milton Hershey. You know the polar opposite of today's CEO greedheads. Yet name a single nightly cable new host who freely quotes John Kenneth Galbraith on economics and social policy??? Dobbs' analysis of the news and economics are full of phrase and terms that Galbraith first popularized.

Like Dave Sirota has said the "Lou Dobbs
Democrats" are for real and will decide the 2008 election. Liberals can stand by a let a Labor Arbitrage Corporatist win the presidential nomination like Hillary or Obama and then watch as the Democrats go down to defeat as tens of millions of votes stay home on election day or vote for Nader. Or even worse how about a third-fourth party option of Tancredo or Duncan Hunter.

I get really angry when I see fellow computer programmers and engineers who would love to vote for a progressive populist Democrat talk about voting for a Tancredo. But the way we have been ignored by the elitist DLC Vichycrats for the last 10 years I guess I just have to accept it.