Friday, March 14, 2008

Bill Gates Leads Cold War on America's Middle Class

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Bill Gates Wants More Cheap Labor

Unless your name is “Rockefeller” or you’re not kissing someone’s big, fat corporate ass, don’t count on Bill Gates or corporate America to brighten up your darkest nights anytime soon…And if Gates gets his way, expect those north winds to begin blowin’ BIGTIME.
Bill Gates' nose is growing. Again.

The third wealthiest person in the known universe, Citizen Bill Gates, who swings into Washington about once a year was BACK this week to meet privately with policy makers, said Jack Krumholtz, Microsoft Corp.'s managing director for government affairs. Krumholtz declined to identify them, because he doesn’t have to. And guess what else? Nobody else got an invitation to go and rebut Gates! Wow! I’ll bet most people also don’t even know that corporations actually get their very own “managing directors for government affairs.”

And what could Gates have possibly meant by his response in this cryptic exchange below:

When asked about taxes, Gates jokingly pointed out that he has written checks to the federal government for billions of dollars. "I don't begrudge it at all," he said. "I'm glad you're all working hard to see it's well spent."

Hmmmm…Will all of those billions pay off this time around?

Taking advantage of more relaxed immigration laws in Canada, Gates wasn’t even expected to talk about the Richmond, B.C. site he set up as aCanadian Refugee Camp" to import cheap foreign workers at the expense of American professionals. Some legislators believe Microsoft is using the Canadian center to export jobs they say should be given to U.S. workers and fear that the third richest man in the known universe is setting a very bad example for a host of sociopathic, Richie-Rich wannabes to follow in this war on America’s professionals. Never mind the whole patriotism or community thing: Does this guy have no shame? Cue up the neo-patriotic song that describes this war on the professional middle class: The Star Strangled Banner and salute the fearless leader, General Bill Gates who can’t seem to satiate himself with enough cheap labor.

Gates was back to urge Congress to reinstitute the R&D tax credit that expired last year and to plead for an increase in H-1B visas and/or any alternative to keep the supply of cheap, foreign labor coming into the country on behalf of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Google and a host of other industry executives and government officials who personally profit by excluding American professionals from jobs in favor of cheaper foreign labor through tightly woven agreements between the United States State Department, Corporate America and American universities. Most people don’t know that “it is not against the law for companies to bypass qualified and willing Americans for H-1Bs. That's why companies like Microsoft continue to do it without fear of prosecution” explains Rob Sanchez in his newsletter Job Destruction News.”

In her recent post “Michigan Workers are not Qualified to Work for Companies that Offer Products that Don’t Exist” Citizen Carrie reveals how universities work in tandem with corporations and government officials to educate, train and employ foreign workers to put the United States at a competitive disadvantage by competing against U.S. R&D operations and businesses. In this must watch video, veteran Detroit TV news reporter Vince Wade explains in "Shaft Our Nation" how universities and corporations in complicity with State Department officials force the American taxpayer to subsidize the educations of foreign students who then go on to take the jobs American students could have otherwise studied for if their parents were not sent into the poor house because THEIR jobs are being increasingly outsourced. If this isn’t an act of treason, I don’t know what is. If ever there were a GRAND SCAM to manufacture a shortage of American students to discourage them from studying engineering while simultaneously fleecing their parents at the same time, Wade’s video gives you the recipe.

Now that Gates has hit up Washington to further displace American professionals, not everyone sees the climate warming up to the Gates & Corporate Welfare, Inc. position. Roger Kay, a technology analyst with Endpoint Technologies said

“an election year may be a difficult time to advance the issue, as it could be labeled a threat to American jobs. Democrats, relying on support from labor groups, might not want to push for legislation” that would displace yet even more American professionals jobs to be taken by foreign workers despite a slow down in technology innovation and economic recession.

Gates wound up getting a good reception from the committee, which held the hearing to mark the 50th anniversary of the panel's founding following the Soviet Union's launch of the Sputnik satellite in 1957.

"We are on the cusp of another Sputnik moment," said committee chairman Rep. Bart Gordon, D-Tenn. "I fear that our country has coasted on the investment made in the last 50 years."
Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who has pressed for changes to the H-1B program, on Wednesday wrote Gates, saying "I'm concerned that some companies are more concerned about their bottom line than about the dire need to better educate and train American students and workers. The solution is not, in my opinion, importing more foreign workers." He said he was offering legislation requiring companies to make a good-faith effort to hire Americans before employing an H-1B visa holder.

Where are all the Democrats? Are citizen labor rights not supposed to be the cornerstone of what distinguishes the otherwise blurry line between the Republican and Democratic parties?
Unlike most EU governments with laws in place to protect the welfare of their citizens, the United States of America is run by corporations whose sole purpose is to take money from other people’s pockets via heavy taxation on the poor and middle classes while buying tax loopholes from corrupt Congressmen and bribing foreign countries to set up shops and enrich their inner cabal of elites who are creating a rabid “hate Americans” culture faster than you can say “Vista Sucks!”

Don’t count on MSM outlets and blogs to get front page news on this new Cold War, either. Predictably HuffPo had Gates’ Washington visit all but buried, but here is what two commenters had to say (among others) that describes the cultural decline that Gates and the sociopathic Tech Lobby take credit for:

These "brown-nosing fast talkers"; the influence of that kind of culture is beginning to show up in the MS operating systems, too.... They're all beginning to reflect the influence of political and bureaucratic minds, instead of being nimble, quick-reacting, and efficient...” and

“Like the rest of the corporations, Bill is looking for cheap labor, there are plenty of intelligent, creative, skilled people in the US that are begging for jobs, and it is unfair to give those jobs to foreigners. It also hurts other countries because US corporations steal their best and brightest, people needed in their home countries to raise standards of living there. Like always, people all over the world are competing in a race to the bottom.”

As Nancy Pelosi, friend of Tech Net guarantees, “Americans get the government they deserve.”

For anyone interested in writing their Senators, visit WashTech/CWA. (I’d write mine, but Barbara Boxer is a 'friend' of the Tech Lobby.)

“Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend!”



Citizen Carrie said...

Gates' appearance made a mockery out of the whole tie-in to the 50th anniversary. Back then, we didn't have a homegrown generation of rocket scientists. (We relied on the German team headed up by Werner Von Braun, of course.) We made a commitment to science and technology to educate our children for these positions, and, more importantly, government contractors made the commitment to hire them once they graduated.

2Truthy said...

Excellent point.

And this fact is used by corporate blowhards like Gates & crew, that our science and engineering industry is 'founded' by foreign scientists and we would be nowhere without them -- despite the fact that fifty years ago, there was only a handful and NOT a continent full of genius level scientists from other countries who immigrated here and contributed.

Tripling the number of H-1B's in this Valley will throw out the residents and pave the way for more schlocky output from these startups with bogus business plans. Swing by Cisco and Google HQ on any weekday and get the visual: NO LOCALS WANTED.

How fitting: "When the rockets go up who cares WHERE they come down, that's not my department says Werner Von Braun."