Friday, January 30, 2009

2Truthy's Happy Friday Hour: It's My Life

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Happy Friday, Loserettes!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

French Crowds March for Job Security

Liberté, égalité, mais FUCK fraternité!!

What does job security in France mean anyway? The government guarantees that you have Johns?

While complacent, lazy, fat and useless Americans bemoan the unending rounds of job layoffs so that other lazy, fat and useless corporate overlords can reap wild profits via outsourcing them, it seems we’re down to the French to show the U.S. who’s the wussy now.

This striking news report today from Paris details French demonstrators marching for job security and pay raises from elitist government and corporate leaders:

“Hundreds of thousands of teachers, nurses, factory workers and plumbers marched through French cities on Thursday to demand pay rises and protection for jobs.
The demonstrations were the high point of a nationwide one-day strike called by France's eight main trade unions to try to persuade President Nicolas Sarkozy and business leaders to do more to help ordinary people overcome the economic crisis.”

Liberté, égalité, mais FUCK fraternité!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Gay Swami Times: Vol. 3 Issue 3

-The Gay Swami Times Vol. 3 Issue 3-
(click on photo to enlarge)
Bill Gates Seeks New Positions from Gay Swami for H-1B Pleasure Trysts

Welcome to this special edition of The Gay Swami Times, Vol. 3, Issue 3. (Note that the graphic above sports a typo which reads “Issue 92” and not “Issue 3” because we took the leap, on a dare - to outsource this work and are still on hold to consultant “Kevin” in Hyderabad, demanding our money back.) Click here for previous releases.

“Coop’s Corner” Charles Cooper at CNET News blows the lid off confirmed reports that Bill Gates is seeking more H-1Bs. Read the full CNET expose Layoff news won't deter techs on H-1B here.

Microsoft's Bill Gates’ uncontrollable, insatiable appetite for more H-1B romps has reached a new low as The Reamer of Redmond said Monday that Microsoft had “no plans to change its position on H-1Bs.”

“Hahahaha, you’re ALL monkeys to me!” wildly moans an ecstatic, alpha ape Bill Gates, as he defies the experts once again, making John Chambers look like an amateur with his latest solicitation for even more H-1B lovers to ride him and his movie downloading loving board member(s) like Hanuman, the Monkey King, kneeling before Lord Rama.

Charles Cooper writes:

“The Black Monday announcement of more than 71,000 jobs lost is a stunner. Today it was Texas Instruments and Sprint Nextel adding their names to the listof tech companies handing out pink slips. Tomorrow? Anybody's guess.

In uncertain times, the only sure bet is that Congress is going to come under renewed pressure to revisit its practice of granting temporary visas to foreign workers. Already, Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is pressing Microsoft to give Americans priority over foreigners working in this country with H-1Bs.

"My point is that during a layoff, companies should not be retaining H-1B or other work visa program employees over qualified American workers," Grassley wrote on Friday after Microsoft announced its first across-the-board layoffs. "Our immigration policy is not intended to harm the American work force. I encourage Microsoft to ensure that Americans are given priority in job retention. Microsoft has a moral obligation to protect these American workers by putting them first during these difficult economic times."

Microsoft said Monday it had no plans to change its position on H-1Bs.”


Monday, January 26, 2009

Senate Confirms Timothy Geithner

Obama's Treasury Secretary Tax-Cheat Czar, Timothy Geithner

Criminal Defense Attorney J. Tony Serra
(Special thanks to

For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON - The Senate voted this evening to confirm Timothy Geithner, President Barack Obama's pick for treasury secretary, after delaying a vote because Geithner failed to pay some of his federal taxes in 2001. And a few other years, too, which the above link fails to mention. But don’t worry. Since Americans won’t have any money left to pay them anyway due to the unrelenting, downward spiral of job cuts due to outsourcing and greedy corporate profit hording, savvy President Obama made an even more savvy political pick by selecting an admitted tax cheat as a role model for the nation’s taxpayers:

“Under normal circumstances, failing to pay your taxes is a surefire way to torpedo your nomination to a Cabinet position”, but Obama’s official decision was based upon “ the race to halt the economic slide before the midterm elections in 2010 which is so tight that President Barack Obama's choice for treasury secretary, New York Federal Reserve Bank chief Timothy Geithner, got a pass on his tax troubles from the president and most senators, Democrats and Republicans.”

Under “normal” circumstances”? Oh, these experts. We’ll just have to trust them.

And what does the midterm election have to do with bailing out a bunch of Wall Street bankers and investors who stash money away where no one will find it? Never mind the fact that $25 Billion of it went to the impeccably managed Citibank, the world’s largest money laundering Queen with over 300 tax haven subsidiaries.

But hey – if Geithner gets a pass, so it goes for Joe Taxpayer, too! Oh that crazy Obama -- can it be that our president is not only a political genius but an altruist, too? Who knew?

Who wanted this bailout again? Nobody! Got that? Except Bush, Congress, Obama and their Wall Street pals and paymasters who we never get to read about. Aside from the fact that U.S. citizens can’t even remotely pay back the ever escalating tab nor can any banks anywhere deal with the ponzi scheme leveraged pile-on that mortgages were turned into, this bailout or TARP is just feathering the nests of the CIA's favorite gangsta bankstas like Goldman Sachs and AIG before the final shooting match. Outfitting this fiscal pig in a bowler hat and tuxedo is bound to confuse the rubes who will go along with the show right up until the final curtain scene when the drawbridge gets pulled up along with the last scraps of your pensions and equity right along with it.

Despite the fact that legendary criminal defense attorney Tony Serra (whom I had the privilege of meeting at a Nader fundraiser in SF last year) who was sentenced to ten months in federal prison for tax evasion and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution had to do the time, does Obama’s Geithner appointment signal a new direction for tax evasion prosecution for the masses?

Party on, plebes!


Friday, January 23, 2009

2Truthy's Happy Friday Hour: Thoughts, from Mel Toast

"Don’t you hate all that happy-assed, motivational internet horseshit?"
-Mel Toast-

You pitiful sap.

Because everyone else is too busy taking themselves seriously.

Keep thinking your shit doesn’t stink. See how far it gets you.

And if you ended both statements with “nothing,” have another beer.

You could use more comic horror in your life.

I get the car, the dog and the cabin in Wisconsin. She gets the house, the kids, and my alcoholic brother.
Happy Friday, Loserettes!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Gay Swami Times: Vol. 2 Issue 2 February 2009

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Welcome back to our second special edition of The Gay Swami Times.

In our virgin kick-off
first issue last week, The Gay Swami explored the depths of man lust underpinning the intimate, behind the scenes trysts between American CEO John Chambers, Bill Gates and Indian outsourcing Satyam’s criminal, former CEO, B. Raju Ramalinga.

“It’s not just the bottom line these CEOs are after -- if you know what I’m saying...”

revealed one close source who requested anonymity.

Right after Intel’s CEO Andy Grove announced he was laying off 5,000 workers, CEO Bill “Ride Me Like a Yogi” Gates is slashing at least 5,000 employees from Microsoft’s payroll, too, so he can then turn around and hire an “infinite number” of H-1b visa holders from India! News reports explain:

“Although Microsoft plans to cut 5,000 jobs in total, its overall workforce is not expected to drop that much, as it continues to hire--albeit at a lower rate--in key areas.”

Why would Bill Gates prefer to stumble over newly-minted homeless American professionals along the sidewalks of America?

“The limp relationship with American IT guys is so over. Nobody gives a damn about them. They’re too much trouble. This layoff is just the start… I had to wait around for a while to see how Andy (Grove) over at Intel was going to hang onto his nuts, too. No, no, no, you don’t get it. You don’t understand economics or man crushes or ANYTHING. Indian guys are so much more flexible than these whiny, overeducated American guys with their wives and kids and mortgages and vacations -– Indians will do anything you want – ANYTHING. And hey, they’ll even work for free and do you know what else? With the Economy in the can the way it is now, I’m seriously thinking about taking them up on that one, too.”

Oh Gay Swami, what’s next?

Stay tuned next week for Issue 3 of “The Gay Swami Times” where The Gay Swami climbs all over a few surprisingly connected Beltway and Silicon Valley vc's in the upcoming, world exclusive special report “Man Crushes of Climate Change”.


Obama Meets Flintstone White House: New Staff Find White House in Tech Dark Ages

- Wilma Flintstone's Shorter Version of Michelle Obama's Jason Wu Inauguration Gown-

-Wilma Flintstone Boogies to Ashford & Simpson with Fred-

-President & First Lady Michelle Donning Longer Version of Wilma Flintstone's Dress-

Were those pterodactyl Bush administration staffers talking on shoe phones for the past eight years or what? Were these cavemen using smoke signals to place their midnight pizza orders? Are the automatic windows in the Oval Office still powered by monkeys?

Ann E. Kornblut reveals in this Washington Post article how incoming Obama staffers encountered a few pre-historic technology gaffes that arguably would make Fred Flintstone look like Steve Jobs:

“One member of the White House new-media team came to work on Tuesday, right after the swearing-in ceremony, only to discover that it was impossible to know which programs could be updated, or even which computers could be used for which purposes. The team members, accustomed to working on Macintoshes, found computers outfitted with six-year-old versions of Microsoft software. Laptops were scarce, assigned to only a few people in the West Wing. The team was left struggling to put closed captions on online videos.”

Former President George W. Bush’s 2005 Internet director, David Almacy, recalled having a week-long delay between his arrival at the White House and getting set up with a computer and a Blackberry:

"The White House itself is an institution that transitions regardless of who the president is," he said. "The White House is not starting from scratch. Processes are already in place."
Another newly-minted White House official, who arrived “breathless yesterday after being held up at the exterior gate”, discovered that he had *shock* no computer or telephone number! Recently called back from overseas duty, he ended up using his foreign cellphone."
For shame!

And how bad is this?

“A White House official whose transition cellphone was disconnected (not sure why) left a message temporarily referring callers to his wife's phone.”

(Haha! I’ll bet his wife was receiving hundreds of calls on the first day. Or none.)

For the few American white collar professionals or “ordinary people” (as President Obama refers to them) out there who ARE still working, there is still demand (at least from the White House) for technology software and solutions, despite at least 5,000 layoffs from profit hording companies like Microsoft, led by the infamous Bill “give me infinite numbers of H-1b visas” Gates, despite the layoffs, anyway.

To be sure, the heat is on and the Tech Lobby/Indian Lobby backed Obama will ensure that the White House will slay the Wooly Mammoth by soaking taxpayers for gazillions of dollars of all kinds of futuristic, techno-savvy IT software and gadgets for U.S. Government agencies which will be dispatched to break the Fourth Wall.



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now What?

-A New Day-
Washington, D.C. 1/21/09

Todd Smith over at Ideapalooza has listed 895 promises from Barack Obama in this handy Excel spreadsheet to easily track the president's promises made, kept or broken by quantity and percentage. (Special thanks to Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic and to Ashford & Simpson.)

Open it up here: ObamaV1.1_.xls


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crooks & Idiots

(Very Special Thanks to the First Lady of Soul)

Secretary of the Treasury Appointee Timothy Geithner

-The 44th President of the United States of America-
Barack Obama

Crooks & Idiots

The 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, hand picked by the Tech Lobby which exerts growing control over emerging Clean & Green technologies in rapid search of government handouts to bolster their personal profits, was sworn in today and wants tax cheat Timothy Geithner sworn in tomorrow, despite the newly sworn-in president’s full knowledge of Geithner’s tax fraud which he swears he “just didn’t know” he committed. I swear, when does the culture of corruption stop? Many had hoped it would stop with the Bush administration and its cronies, who shamelessly used the Office of the People for its own personal piggy bank.

Is Geithner a crook? An idiot? Either way, or both – does he have any business running the Treasury? When did this nation slide into such a depraved cult of crook and idiot worshippers? Obama’s Geithner appointment has White House correspondent Byron York of the National Review raising this important question:

“If he were confirmed as treasury secretary, Geithner would, among other things, oversee the IRS, something that makes his tax problem all the more relevant to his confirmation. “This is the guy who heads up the IRS,” says the senator who is baffled by Geithner’s situation. “All the taxpayers look to him, and when he says, ‘Gee, I don’t know why’—does that become a defense?”

Why would Obama and his supporters want a tax cheat to run the U.S. Treasury?

How would a man of Geithner’s “financial sophistication” who came to the IMF after a stint working as a high-ranking official in the Treasury Department and later left the IMF head up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York make such mistakes on his taxes?

Is this what Obama means when he says he has selected the “best and brightest” to help him lead this country out of economic ruin?

Between the number of corporate welfare AIPAC loving, white collar American job killing “experts” appointed by Obama to head his cabinet to lead this country’s raging war on America’s white collar middle class and his millions of worshippers, you might say that this dynamic duo of lobbyist connected crooks and their idiotic followers are too big to fail.

With the empty albeit free promise of “hope” trumping what should be the promise of power and empowerment for the growing millions of white collar workers losing jobs, healthcare, housing and savings, who is Obama beholden to? His unquestioning supporters defend his every move, with the tired meme “he is inheriting an economic train wreck”, dismissing him of any fault from now until Kingdom Come.

Why won’t Obama promise white collar Americans that he will stop the wholesale sell out of jobs to H-1b visa and green card holders from other countries?

Even today, on this joyous, historic occasion today where the nation celebrates its first African American president, right after hearing his inaugural address, investors went back to selling stocks, sending the major indexes down sharply. Today’s New York Times reports:

“Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange paused at times to watch the inauguration ceremony and President Barack Obama's remarks, but the transition of power did not erase investors' intensifying concerns about the struggling economy. At the close, the Dow Jones industrial average was down more than 330 points, or about percent, while the broader Standard & Poor's 500-stock index fell 5.2 percent.”

We do not need tax cuts. WE NEED OUR JOBS BACK! Stimulating this economy requires more than the dubiously lauded banker bailouts. If there is one thing Obama could do, it is to stop handing white collar jobs to India so that American citizens can get back to work in the fields they invested their educations in so that they can start spending money again on the big ticket items and autos and other bennies that this country’s economic survival depends upon. But the only lipservice Obama has paid to “jobs” is for a few blue collar, “shovel-ready” ones that don’t address the growing millions of white collar citizens who are being cut from payrolls all across the country. What Obama’s supporters fail to ask is whether Obama was elected to be president of the United States or India? Or Israel? During this Depression, this country can’t afford to settle for anything less than a president who will stand up for its citizens first.

It also remains to be seen whether the injection of taxpayer funds will translate into millions of clean green jobs. Ultimately, the stimulus package will only take clean power so far. The U.S. will need some kind of way to put a price on carbon, either through a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system. And, if today’s whopping Dow Jones close of 7949 is any harbinger of what we can hope for, both those items will likely wait until the economy has leveled — and at this point, it’s easy to preclude what a “leveled” economy of Have and Have Nots will look like under the Obama administration.

Let’s hope this old-time habit of crooks and idiots running the country changes.

But, then again, “hope” is for free.

Party on, plebes!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goodbye George! Give this Kid an Oscar!

"There's no doubt in my mind that we should allow the world's worst leaders to hold America hostage, to threaten our peace, to threaten our friends and allies with the world's worst weapons."
-George W. Bush
South Bend, IN -September 5, 2002

As we dust off this old 2007 sparkler "Give this Kid an Oscar", click one last time here again to download the best tribute ever to what the George W. Bush presidency looked like from the inside.

After that, click here and sing along to the bluegrass tune of this old Woody Guthrie gem (lyrics below.)

Special thanks to folks at Goodbye George!

Goodbye George

Goodbye, goodbye George Dubya,
It’s true, we never did love’ya,
So long the worst prez in his’try,
We’re laughing, we’re cheering, good riddance to you!

We won’t miss your faith-based baloney,
And we’re glad to kiss off Dick Cheney,
Toodle-loo, to Rove and old Rummy,
And Condie, Alberto, and dim Bushies too.

Adios, you Texas Twit cowboy,
Adieu, you warmaking plowboy,
Auf Wiedersehen creationist cretin,
Arriva Derci the world’s glad you’re gone.

Goodbye, goodbye George Dubya,
It’s true, we never did love’ya,
So long the worst prez in his’try,
We’re laughing, we’re cheering, good riddance to you!


Friday, January 16, 2009

2Truthy's Happy Friday with Nina Simone

-Sinnerman Where You Gonna Run-
(Special thanks to the fabulous Nina Simone)
Happy Friday, Loserettes!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

U.S. Airways Jet Crash called “Miracle on the Hudson”

The Best Airline Pilot on the Planet, Pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger

Headshot of the Perp a.k.a. "Canada Goose"

Diagram of the Canada Goose
Pilot “Sully” a National Hero

New York – A US Airways Airbus A320 bound for Charlotte, N.C., crashed into the Hudson River this afternoon shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport. All 155 passengers and crew on board were pulled to safety as the plane slowly sank into the river.

The emergency landing has been described as nothing short of a “miracle” as the highly skilled pilot of the jet, Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, masterfully guided the aircraft down onto the river in a “controlled descent”, only after plowing into not one -- but at least two suspicious Canadian Geese who he flew into!

So what’s it like to have BOTH engines knocked out by a couple of Canadian Geese? That’s like having a fucking fly, well, fly right up both of your nostrils. At the same time.
Kaboom! Conk!

NTSB officials were on the scene to investigate, but the passengers and crew were in great hands with pilot Sully. This is one story that deserves a round of hero worship for a long time to come:

"He was phenomenal," passenger Joe Hart said. "He landed it — I tell you what — the impact wasn't a whole lot more than a rear-end (collision). It threw you into the seat ahead of you.
"Both engines cut out and he actually floated it into the river," he added.

Water landings are always scary, and require the best of conditions in addition to the best possible former U.S. AF pilots in town. Who can forget those poor bastards who crashed into the Florida Everglades where the passengers were met with crocodiles and other swamp vermin or the doomed flight that went down into the icy waters of the Potomac? Well, in addition to the 155 survivors of Flight 1549, we can all thank pilot Sully for a nightmare-free round of sleep tonight.

All I can say is, pilot Sully is the pilot I want flying MY plane from now on!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

John Chambers, Bill Gates and Raju: The Gay Swami Times Special Edition

-The Gay Swami Times-
(Special Edition)

-John Chambers offering oral sex to two "businessmen" from Dubai-
A Mel Toast CEO Expose

Economic Times

Interview, 1 Nov 2007

Read the full story here on Cisco's CEO, John Chambers unconfirmed, "disruptive" partnership plans with Raju Ramalinga's Satyam. Chambers throws around the term "labour arbitrage" in an attempt to deny his forthright plans of screwing the American worker out of technology jobs:

"We are not using India for labour arbitrage and this is where we are different from our peers. We are here because India can help us launch disruptive business models globally. We will have 20% of our top leadership here in 5 years. Besides, you know how to partner, in your definition innovation is how to create win-win solutions, not just self-reliance. That’s dramatically different from other places."
--John Chambers, President & CEO, Cisco Systems


"India can help us launch disruptive business models globally."
"India, will guide innovations in future.”
“India will be the platform for globalization and growth for Cisco.”
--John Chambers, President & CEO, Cisco Systems

And what did Chambers give to Raju in exchange for these glowing remarks?

His exposed butt cheeks!

Read on!

The Gay Swami Times
Interview, 22 January 2008

Full on man-love with John has been the most intoxicating, soul-intensifying experience for me in my entire life.”

“Not a moment passes that I do not imagine myself straddling John like a racehorse, riding crop in hand.”“Johnnie is my office bitch.”
--Dr. Byrraju Ramalinga Raju

(NEW DELHI) Rooters -- Startling new evidence has just come to light linking jailed computer mogul and swindler Dr. Byrraju Ramalinga Raju with yet another highly placed American technology sector figure in a formerly secret international gay love triangle.News first broke late last week about the sub-continent’s cyber Lothario vying for the affections (and multi-billion dollar business deals) of America’s software giant, Bill Gates.Now, word is out that Raju has also had numerous raucous romps with Cisco’s John Chambers as reported by the mouthpiece of the gay, Hindi-speaking community, The Gay Swami Times.

The Gay Swami Times

-The Gay Swami-


Happy 2009, Everybody!

Did you know that Silicon Valley has no *openly gay* executives and CEO’s?

That’s why many of them along with venture capitalists (a vc is somebody who knows how to inflate the value of a start-up and then rack up a bunch of money to spread around among themselves) who come here from the East coast marry a disproportionate number of grumpy old DAR’s (Daughters of the American Revolution) to be their beards. Even though a lot of them (2Truthy’s best friend is a DAR so not ALL of them are stuffy) are a bunch of unattractive, whiney old battle-axes who make sure “Paul” or “John” or “Colin” stay on rigid vegetarian diets of dangling tofu-ham shanks with ancho chili-pepper seasoned bulgher wheat and never, ever allow them to leave the house without perfectly creased, extra-tight Campagnolo Men's Carbon Bib bicycle shorts, the hidden cult of Silicon Valley’s secretive, in the closet gay executive/CEO community has spread to India where the practice of soliciting gay friendships can be maximized by throwing in a few stock options in exchange for a harem of willing, indentured servants to fulfill their otherworldly ponzi scheme fantasies.

Here is an exciting magazine called “The Gay Swami” that blows the lid off all the wealthy ones who want to be secret and even more wealthy so they hire slave workers.

Anyway, just a short hop from the city of San Francisco where some of the most creative minds in the industry live, the secretive, ponzi-schemy ones can be found about thirty five miles to the south with “Sand Hill Road” post office box addresses while the rest of the hard working, honest and REAL gay community (as I reported in this special segment: San Francisco Gay Pride Parade: Quincy Live from the Castro) struggles to keep their agency side, promo-pitching and copy-editing work from being outsourced to slavey boy workers during this country’s Great Depression.

Why is it that only the sneaky, bad people keep making the news and always get pleasant surroundings when they get arrested for their corporate crimes? Even Martha Stewart had only nice things to say about her pleasant stay in the slammer.

I have to go now and stake out a privately held, shadowy group of green technology investors’ attempt to get a local politician to seduce signatures from unsuspecting taxpayers so they can avoid paying money out of their own pockets to pay their salaries.

Well, for 2009, the New Year’s resolution for all closet ponzi schemers should be to come out of the closet and stop hiring slave labor.

Have a Nice Day,


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick? No Insurance? Get Yourself Arrested

(Very special thanks to the Rolling Stones)

“Sick citizens who follow the law but lack health insurance can expect substandard care and financial ruin. Convicted felons, though, can look forward to free treatment and horticulture classes while they recuperate.”
-The Captive American-

Get yourself arrested!

Granted, this little exercise would not exactly apply to crooks like Maddoff or Skilling since they are deemed “successful” by most economic, ponzi-scheme yardsticks. But hey, if you are one of the increasing millions of educated white collar Americans in this country being sacked from your job because somebody on the TV told you that there is an American labor shortage (yes, this H-1b scam is LEGAL) and that’s why you are or will be replaced by somebody from far away to take your job and why you are now or will be unable to pay for healthcare, help is just a slammer away.

Our good friends at The Captive American report in this timely, pertinent article entitled Sick? No Insurance? Get Yourself Arrested that getting yourself arrested may well be the best thing you ever did if you have no health insurance and are sick. (Never mind having a job, as that train already left the station for Bangalore, courtesy your greedy Congress, Bill Gates, John Chambers, Hillary D-Punjab & Co.) For a more extensive list of "friends" who are kicking your ass and those of your kids to the curb, Citizen Carrie of Carrie's Nation offers some handy ones in The "Give 'Em Hell" Edition here.

Who knew? In this day and age when outsourcing, thuggery, skullduggery, graft, corruption and incivility are de rigueur, affecting the habits of lawless hillbillies and trailer trash may well be just the ticket to a better “American” way of life. This is so exciting!

By all accounts, Elaine Meinel Supkis has chronicled in her blog Culture of Life News how our brand new, shiny, happy pro-tech lobby president-elect who is pro-job outsourcing (wasn’t he elected to lead America and not India?) and his crack team of anti-American citizen, corporate welfare ho/administrators will do everything in their power to ensure that the neo-frat boy, globalist, Have and Have-Not caste system succeeds at job killing right here, and that America’s educated, white collar middle class will go down in history, as, well, going down...

Party on, plebes!


Illinois to be Renamed "Rolandois"

-A Midday Mel Toast Land of Lincoln Exclusive-
(click on image to enlarge)
"We don't elect our elected officials, we just rally around them." -Homer Simpson

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Scourge of Satyam: One Former CEO's Account

Satyam: Will India's Culture of Corruption Finally Go Home?

This week I had the privilege of recording a meeting with a friend and former Silicon Valley CEO to discuss the potential impact of Indian outsourcer Satyam’s fraud on the local business community and the people who live here. Although “Mike” (not his real name) doesn’t say much about the disgraced firm Satyam, he does offer a few unabashed insights about how the culture of corruption has permeated Silicon Valley and describes India’s “distinct culture of corruption” and its overall, negative impact on the downward spiral of Silicon Valley here:

“Andy Grove talked to Businessweek recently, and he indicated that Silicon Valley needs to innovate. Well, he got that part right. But what he didn’t say is how, over the past twenty years, Silicon Valley vc’s and executives have descended into a corrupt and soulless culture of literally selling out their greatest assest: the American scientist. Nowhere in that article did Andy mention how his colleagues turned against the American professional while a few greedy bastar$s befriended the morally bankrupt culture of India, by outsourcing our jobs to their population so they could personally profit. It is you know, no different than human trafficking, and they are ok with that. What Silicon Valley needs to do now is invest in sustainable, local talent and business plans that will make modest, sustainable ROI. The days of the fast IPO without a sound/working product or service are over. If Satyam’s fraud sends any kind of message at all to the public, let it be this: the days of using American livelihoods for bargaining chips to enrich a few global elites through Indian outsourcing firms are over. If they're not, welcome to the seventh circle of Hell.

Thirteen years ago, my venture backed, thirty-five person start-up was eventually sold to a larger U.S. corporation (a portfolio company of one of our lead investors). The company was founded three years prior, and although our technology was still in its early stages of development, there was no shortage of vc introduced “suitors” expressing interest in acquiring the technology. This was my first and last start-up, and I am now retired, occasionally working on a consulting basis or in an advisory capacity on referral. I used to sit in meeting and listen, with shock, really, how these vc’s had no compunction whatsoever to tell us how we didn’t really need the guys we had (computer scientists) on staff and that we needed to replace them with extra “IT guys” who could do “the same stuff for less!!” IT guys! Many vc’s I have dealt with do not even know the difference between computer scientists, engineers and “IT guys”, but they were ALL quick to instruct us to work with a predetermined list of legal/HR firms to “get the staffing ratios right.”

It is unfortunately pretty likely that the fallout of Satyam’s scandal will be minimal, since I do know there are executives and vc’s scrambling around to do “damage control” in order to protect the Sacred Cash Cow of outsourcing. Ever hear of Compete America? A powerful lot of lobbyists who will stop at nothing to keep cheap workers coming in here from India whether Tata, Satyam, Wipro or the rest of them. It’s hard to say if it will backfire, but it is long overdue that it does. This practice of hiring Indians to do the work of local professionals has been an obvious boondoggle from the get-go, and anyone from the boardroom to the cubicles who is the least bit honest will tell you the same thing. It has been a disaster. Most of them don’t even speak English, and are they are thrust anyway at the local scientists whom they are supposed to “help round out” product teams before having to “train them” right before they are laid off. Is this right? Of course not. Does it happen? Every day around here.

The practice of hiring Indians was the brainchild of Larry Ellison and Bill Gates who realized, without any conscience, they could wildly, wildly pad their personal profits by paying their workers less, and get away with creating a culture of indebted servititude to boot. This is no small coincidence that the quality of customer service and product development has continued to degrade with the onset of outsourcing. Twenty years ago, businesses cared about the customer experience. With Silicon Valley’s flood of Indian workers, came a rise in Indian elite executives who particularly emulated the culture of entitlement, seeking to entrench themselves on the financial side with the investment banks. This culture is poor, and by extension, seeks to take from others in order to survive.

By the way, it’s also no secret around here that the Goldman Sachs guys running the TARP are “appointed” to make sure a few well-connected elites from the local vc community are taken care of. You see, the collapse of technological innovation is the direct result of Silicon Valley’s venture capital community plying their start-up investments with sleazy MBA’s instead of seasoned technologists. (THERE HAS BEEN NO OVERSIGHT out here for so long, that it is a wonder Satyam even got the press coverage it has.) The number one goal is, of course, for any vc to make money. I have no argument here. But the emphasis upon the deliberate sacrificing of quality in exchange for a quick in-and-out IPO or acquisition established the precedent of “me first” corruption that the Valley is now stuck with.

Although an American business person’s handshake was/is supposed to mean your word, this is not -- nor has it ever been the case with the Indian businesspeople, a predominant culture of back stabbers, liars and cheats, and this is no secret. That’s the way it is. Sure, we have our share of corrupt Skillings (Enron) and Maddoffs; but these people are far worse. From my first and last business dealings with Indians, they have no qualm with lying and cheating and they operate on this level as if it were expected. And they use the people of their populations as human trafficking chips so that our vc and business community leaders can exploit them for personal profit. I know that the collective spirit of our population would find this reprehensible, if they only knew. The perpetual chokehold Bill Gates and Compete America has on the U.S. government to silence the atrocities of outsourcing through its payoffs to elected officials is staggering, and the American public is left with only propaganda about how wonderful outsourcing is while it destroys the lives of Americans. It is a globalists dream, not an American one.

Most people would be amazed by the aura of protection that these people are afforded by the local vc community here; but the demand for cheap labor and suppliers from India is their cash cow, as innovation dried up, it was and is their one tried and true line to personal profit. It is the only one they have left. There are comparatively not many of them, but these few insulated vc’s and associates hold enormous power to seek protections with D.C. inititiatives and paid off think tanks which shield them against the general public as they cook up business plans and seek tax incentives to keep them in positions of power, prestige, and “wealth creation.”

It’s no secret that venture capitalists will not fund start ups here who do not use questionable HR firms to hire H-1bs and other “preferred and/or recommended” Indian workers who are paid less than their American counterparts. It is also no secret that, with little exception (and there are a few exceptions, of course) the quality of the Indian workers is far inferior. What most people do not understand is that the vc’s structure of funding companies has changed considerably over the past twenty years. They now do not want a strong American base of support, but prefer to hold secretive parties amongst Indian elites to broker lucrative deals, (primarily labor and supplier related) that negatively impact the people here in the local community. This is going on all over the country, too. HR firms are wedged between start-up executives who are When Al Gore joined KPC&B (Kleiner Perkins, Caulfield & Byers) the stealth mode/secretive “need to know basis” climate has only increased, with the local press as well as the business community members finding themselves in a heighted “invitation only” business culture dominated by East Coast MBA’s. There is also this curious rise of republicans who seem to have forgotten what partisan politics are. Twenty years ago it was common for executives to donate to both parties somewhat equally, but today, there is no discernable distinction between loyalties and this is also what is different.

At any rate, start-ups are now finding it difficult to obtain funding from an increasingly anti-nationalistic funnel of money that simultaneously is being administered by the foxes guarding the hen house, Goldman Sachs. Obama takes his marching orders from them, and not vice-versa and Gore is the man behind the curtain. Funny, how Obama is talking about “IT spending.” The increase in IT health spending is no accident, and has his carbon footprint all over it. Do you really think IT health spending is going to cure cancer or expand access to quality healthcare? Hahahaha, the American public is duped again. That “IT healthcare” spending Obama is talking about is merely a giveway to a few wealthy people out here, (I’ll get you the list) just like all that TARP money is also.

Satyam is on of several corrupt, shameful organizations that should never have taken root in this country, just like the other outsourcing companies that have ruined the quality of our products and lives of our scientists and their families. Now the “productive sector” is all but exhausted by the burden of debt and the small, global wealthy elite (maybe there are six million, I don’t know) are desperately continuing their hording behavior to ensure that they buy the right politicians to keep that money all in the family. What Andy Grove didn’t mention, or certainly didn’t have the guts to say, is how the pre-czarist Russian mob M.O. has arrived here, right here, only in the form of a caste system. It will take some “act of God” to clean up the stench left from the embedded outsourcing culture of corruption and to return this business community to a semblance of integrity, if ever at all.

Ironically, I still must say, the next Silicon Valley will be…Silicon Valley.

I’m personally proud to have been a part of being one of the boring old technologists who managed to employ a few smart, talented computer scientists and engineers, some of whom I helped contribute to early retirement. I have no regrets being here, only to say that I wish my unpopular (by comparison) commitment to ethics and goodwill was more pervasive.

Maybe with a little luck, this next generation will throw all of these bums out. In the meantime, why isn’t the Indian government working with its own business community to get their people busy doing something sustainable for themselves in their country for a change? I know that question is on the minds of many people around here right now. It might not make Bill Gates horde as many billions as he desires, but just think of the re-emergent potential for innovation by returning to the roots of what made this place great: support of our own communities first.”



Friday, January 9, 2009

Ramalinga Raju Love Affair With Bill Gates

A Mel Toast Kiss and Tell Exclusive
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No, no, we can't make this stuff up!

Happy Friday, Loserettes!


Satyam: India's Biggest Corporate Fraud

-B. Ramalinga Raju-

Gre$n (Nest) Eggs and Satyam


I would be, could be, deep in hock...
I could be, would be, like a fox.
I will hide it like a louse.
I will spend it on a house.
I will spend it here and there.
I will not find it anywhere.
I made it up this big, fat scam.
I am a crook, Sat-I-AM.

Pining to lose their third-world imprimatur on its impoverished homeland to play in the big leagues, countries like India have had an oversized leg-up from some of America’s most connected, corporate welfare executives, politicians and Tech lobbyists. In a frenzied, exhaustive push to lead the global land grab for American white collar jobs, the Indian outsourcing company, Satyam, is now the latest fraudulent company to lie, cheat and steal as it colluded with American politicians and business leaders to rip off millions of white collar jobs from American workers under the banner of “globalization,” another shrimp on the barbie in the legalized disappearance of white collar jobs for Americans.

Satyam Computer Services Ltd.'s chairman concocted key financial results that sent shockwaves across the information-technology sector, raising questions about how the scandal will affect the company's customers and rivals. B. Ramalinga Raju, founder and chairman of one of India's largest IT companies, resigned Wednesday after admitting to falsifying company accounts and inflating revenue and profit figures over several years, sending the company's shares tumbling and triggering a probe by India's capital market regulator. Satyam's rivals "could benefit as the customers seek other options, although the company's deviance could taint the whole industry."

When does America shove off the global “Love Boat” and start taking care of its own? When do its citizens start holding corrupt politicians accountable and say “no more” to the ruse of the Great Labor Shortage myth? No more easy escape route for the Democrats to blame it on Bush, Obama is now in a position to tell outsourcing companies (who have long since worn out their welcome) like Tata and Infosys and Wipro and its shady and sleazy law firm partners to hit the road: American White Collar Workers are No Longer for Sale!

Hahaha, of course he won’t. Global, elitist Obama is the diligent tool of his One World enablers, and he indeed has the support of the growing underclass, whom he is promising ditch-digging jobs to. What a political miracle of the loaves and fishes variety – to preside over the eradication of our middle class while creating a permanent underclass of ditch-diggers and get the plebes to goosestep…But for anyone else with at least one college degree from a prestigious, top U.S. University, they are all of course supposed to “get over themselves” and go die on the vine, as these unemployment job statistics report today in the New York Times. Only in America, would we find ourselves surrounded by a fawning public of (surprisingly on the Left) self-deluded idiots to choke down such fascism-light.

War on America’s Educated Middle Class, while the Democrats endorse it and the rest of the gleefully clueless country sleeps… What does Obama have to say about Satyam? By all means, Obama is no stranger to what corruption looks like and he appears to regard this shocking Satyam crime as more “business as usual.” And during this 21st Century Great Depression, Obama’s mob (administration) is very enthusiastic about the disappearance of white collar jobs to India. (This way, they get to ride around like Rajas on Elephants and do not have to share the spoils so much… an old global colonialist’s dream come true, for Barry, Hillary, Rahm, Axelrod,, not to mention the cadre of smug sycophants who “support” them.)

What do Obama’s legions of Democratic supporters have to say? They’re down with it, too! That’s because the majority of voters who put Barry into office are high school graduates, the same demographic without the aptitude and/or interest to grace the halls of higher learning as does America's upper middle class families. For them, this whole ditch-digging “let’s rebuild the roads” thing is manna from Heaven. But what about Obama’s promise to the Tech Lobby to raise the number of Indian workers to take the disappearing white collar jobs? Wouldn’t Obama supporters want their leader to stop this harmful practice? Where is the anti-white collar outsourcing drumbeat from the so-called progressive Alternet? Wouldn’t the president-elect himself want to do the right thing by standing up for the growing millions of educated white collar workers to halt the practice of hiring from India when there are not enough jobs for our own experienced, older citizens and college graduates?

What happened to this nation’s fierce sense of self-preservation and collective “independence”? Why has the U.S. become India’s keeper at this unprecedented time in our nation’s history when iconic, innovative mavericks like Andy Grove can’t honestly tell Businessweek’s Henry Blodget with a straight face just what the hell we are going to innovate next?

Despite Grove’s most admirable and respectable contributions and standing in this nation’s hall of innovation, even he is not immune from the hubris disease, as he refuses to acknowledge growth and bust cycles for what they are: a dash of brilliance, innovation and a large dose of luck/right time right place predictors. He fails to draw connections to the woeful direction that global elites are taking America down with, as they focus on brokering human capital as a last resort to lining their pockets with profit. The best he could come up with in the interview was patting himself on the back for Intel’s not having an “exit strategy”, during a thriving time when none was arguably required. That was a time when the best and brightest were revered and respected, not denigrated and despised by the scheming hordes of greedy CEO’s and their mindless HR minions who have been capitalizing on the human trafficking of cheap, dubiously skilled labor from India to drive wages down and kick our computer scientists and engineers to the curb over the since 1993, courtesy Infosys, Wipro, Tata, Satyam and their ilk.

Combined with an oddly silent press about the details surrounding the rise and fall of the legalized practice of job outsourcing, where American politicians and corporate “leaders” sell American white collar jobs to India for personal profit, Satyam’s horrendous fraud is just a chink in the armour for what is to come on the decimation of America’s white collar middle class as we watch our politicians continue to support these rouge nations and the crooks who run their fraudulent companies. And why not? The growing lower classes have no use for them, and the American politicians and corporate “thought leaders” or elites cannot stay “elite” if there are too many of their educated peers cramping them for elbow room and the ever precious trough…
For instance, where is Obama Cabinet Member, SOS, Hillary Clinton, D-Punjab, to weigh in on what the Wall Street Journal refers to as India’s “latest scandal”? Hillary and Bill have made a pretty penny with an estimated net worth of over $100 million all or at least in part on the brokering of American white collar jobs to India with their special friends. Or how about Czar Joe “CFRBiden?

Is there any wonder as to why white collar jobs are going away? No, no, ‘global this’ and ‘global that’ is the rhetoric used to describe the squeezed middle class trickle up $$$ to elites from America and other countries as well. THAT is the essense of what is referred to as the “New World Order.” For Americans, this is the calling card to the demise of Western Civilization. They say “there is no free lunch” and when you hear Obama talk about “One World”, that one world is a two tier (wealthy and poor, sans the middle) kick-started with money the disappearing American middle class would have made since we have no leaders left with a pair but instead a “global elitist” czar to put on a shiny, happy face to deep-six what’s left of America’s middle class.

…"until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew
whether this one was that one or that one was this one
or which one was what one... or what one was who."
-The Sneetches*

*Sneetches are a group of vaguely avian yellow creatures who live on a beach. Some Sneetches have a green star on their bellies, and in the beginning of the story the presence or absence of a star is the basis for discrimination. Sneetches who have stars on their bellies are part of the "in crowd", while Sneetches without stars are shunned and consequently mopey.


Thursday, January 1, 2009


(Illustration special thanks to Elaine Meinel Supkis)

Happy New Year!

Every year, the United States pays Israel 5 billion dollars each year in “aid” to rummage through our military junkyard and grab anything they think they can use – old tanks, jets, nukes, land mines, and so on.

That’s why this year, my first New Year’s resolution is to not pay attention to whom Israel is bombing this week. Not only is it a colossal waste of taxpayer money, but it is ridiculous to believe that the people of this country affect foreign policy without the longarm of AIPAC to do their own bidding (never mind what’s best for the American people.)

As timing would have it, the incredible investigative journalist and illustrator extraordinaire, Elaine Meinel Supkis, had the same thing on her mind today also, as she writes in her excellent blog post DAILY KOS COMMUNITY WAR SCHIZOPHRENIA which details the gross inconsistencies between the way Israelis and Palestinians are treated and regarded. (You will also note that I shamelessly borrowed Elaine’s apropos illustration above.)

My second New Year’s resolution, indirectly related, is to not pay attention to the stock market in 2009.

Both of these resolutions follow the precept of don’t worry about what you can’t change; the U.S. government has always supported Israel regardless of who it was attacking any given week – Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt’s Seven Days War, and any other Middle East or Gulf State countries I’ve left out.

Didn’t they bomb a nuclear plant in Iran, too?

OK! So this is why I’m not going to pay attention to whom Israel is attacking today in 2009.

There are people who say cut Israel loose for 5 billion in annual U.S. military aid and duke it out with the muslims on their own. If they are truly God’s people, God will protect them. (I seem to remember having read that in a book somewhere…)

The Bread & Circus effect of U.S. citizens rooting for the Home Team, Israel, against the bad guys, Hamas, is just like a football game. The amount of emotion invested in rallying around the “home team” of Israel is way over the top. How does handing over 5 billion in U.S. tax dollars to Israel possibly help the people of this country?

As I’ve said, one of the best New Year’s resolutions of all is that I am not going to pay attention to whom Israel is attacking today in 2009.