Friday, March 28, 2008

AT&T CEO Needs Your Help!

(AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson reaches to grab burnt fries)

Hat tip to Joel David @ for offering this ingenious solution to AT&T's alleged and mythical skilled worker shortage in his post LET’S ALL HELP RANDY"

Let's All Help Randy
-by Joel David
Reuters reported yesterday Oklahoma City born AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson as saying he just can’t seem to find skilled workers in the United States to do jobs the company has exported to India. “We’re having trouble finding the numbers that we need with the skills that are required to do these jobs,” said Randy. The corporate goal was to have 5000 jobs returned to the United States from India. To date only 1400 have been returned. That means AT&T only needs 3600 skilled people and the problem is solved. This is just the opportunity I need to advance within the company!
Some would see Randy’s comments as offensive because in a not so subtle way he’s not only stating the American workforce is subpar, but he’s also justifying sending jobs to another country over giving those jobs to people he’s laid off. I don’t see it that way because just like Randy I see opportunity where others see something abhorrent.
Since Randy is having such a tough time finding work I figure I’d help him, and you, the unskilled American worker. If you, or someone like you, needs a job, go ahead and e-mail your resume to If you don’t have a computer go ahead and mail your information to

CEO Randall Stephensonc/o
AT&T Corporate Headquarters
32 Avenue of the AmericansNew York, N.Y. 10013-2412

The company is now based in San Antonio but I’m pretty sure they forwarded their mail.
All we need is 3600 people to apply as skilled workers and we’re doing the company a great service. Tell your friends who are looking for a job.I’m just trying to help.

- Joel
Also, I didn’t get his e-mail address from my office. I found it on Yahoo! Calm down corporate security.


2Truthy said...

AT&T employee Joel David is a self described "working class, probably soon to be unemployed, working American. I’d rather be broke with integrity than making a fortune by taking food from children’s mouths."

This says it all.

For this story visit Joel David's blog at

Citizen Carrie said...

Thanks for telling us about Joel David. He sounds like a true patriot.

Jersey Cynic said...

Hey tt! I WISH I DIDN'T LIKE MY att homepage so much. I also wish I could change my e-mail without notifying every person I know. I've had att addy from day one. when we moved back to CT from NJ I still kept the att @5.95/mo to access my e-mail. oh what to do what to do......
I wish I wasn't such a creature of habit. I've been feeling guilty for some time now. Att just dug up our neighborhood last year and is flooding our mailbox with all kinds of offers to switch to them for our ISP.

I thought of you when I came across these pics


Driving Hillary Crazy



2Truthy said...

JC, TOO funny, these pics!!! Stay tuned...:)

I am holding you personably responsible for my espresso latte soaked keyboard...I'm not kidding, the HilBama one is priceless but after I opened that Driving Miss Hillary, the latte never quite made it down the chute...

Wow, $5.95/mo. is great.

We have AT&T, too (DSL). What an oligopoly: for high speed DSL we get to "choose" between At&T and Comcast -- both wil sooon start censoring what we can get on the internet. Remember this nazi sociopath Stephenson is a major foe of net neutrality. Now, if we lived in the next town over of Mountain View, we could get FREE GOOGLE (that's the town HQ is in)wireless access at home.

2Truthy said...

"personally" NOT personably...